The Wrap Shot Is Broken

Amen to that

Yup when you have low latency and you see the person not hit you on your screen it doesn’t make sense, but when he has a very high latency he see’s something different on his screen and it’s just so pathetic… SMH

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I agree 100 with the high ping inconsistency and not seeing shots fired at u to die randomly but you gotta consider in a perfect server there is nothing wrong with this move …if your skilled enough to pull it off then so be it you can’t be salty cuz someone is able to host a variety of movement styles against u…I’m agreeing with u on tc bs server but I do not agree on the move being a broken joke

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No offense to the original poster intended but… You kind of just stood there while being fully damaged at that point just about any Up A would chunk you.

I’m sure the enemy was aware that you were hurt as well next time try back Aing his Up A don’t just stand behind the cover attempting a regen

Exactly, balling up behind a cover might work versus less skilled players but an experienced player is not going to wait for you to regenerate

I disagree. The wrap shot is a skilled technique and it is just as easily defended as it is executed. OP was a victim of latency. I’m sure the person who shot him saw something completely different and likely was completely exposed before taking the shot. Not to mention OP was full red and behind a small piece of cover. Take out reaction shots, wrap shots, back As and slapshots an all your left with is strafing and head downing your opponents. Both of which get punished by lancers which I’m sure you would see even more of.

There only defense is preaiming the corner and holding your shot for when they up A, which is often not possible or would leave you super vulnerable. And it means you have to hold your shot and not play for damage. It just adds to the Gears 4 meta which is holding your shot until they’re in gib range. That’s lame.

I don’t really see how that’s related to lancering. You can still up A and shoot your shotgun at someone approaching your cover. You just shouldn’t be able to curve your shots around corners with reaction shots and back As. Back As make holding a corner too easy, especially on the left side, which is supposed to be a disadvantage. You just throw out bricks at anyone approaching you instantly without revealing yourself. It should be slower like a blindfire.

Also why would you only be left with strafing and head downing? Wallbouncing, botwalking and up As are still a thing.

The old Gears games didn’t have most of this and they played really well. It’s just a more principled game, similar to every other shooter out there.


I completely agree with you my friend, but the reason i said the move is broken is exactly because of the reason that it doesn’t work most of the time because of the server lag and terrible server connections.

However in a solely based private lobby or 4/10 games where there is an okay connection then yes the skill of this move is fine because you can at least try to counter it.

Very well said…

its a good skill to learn. It suits experts and blah blah…

but from game POV:

  1. No new players enjoy playing this game. They see all these ***shot (reaction,wrap,slap, UpA, DownA) and thing its crap game.
  2. No new innovation in game mechanics or improvements. TC can’t lose their royal base.
  3. More frustrating on ping based matchmaking

That GIF is hilarious, this shot is very easy to do. I’ve taught my wife how to do this shot, she enjoy’s playing gears. I don’t as much due to bad ping, Bad Nvidia drivers, quitters, micro-transactions and the list goes on. . . All the best with Gears 5, these Gears games have been broken from the first one.

How is the wrap shot, back A and rxn shot any worse than wall bouncing? Wall bouncing literally counters all of those. And if you think those are bad what about the wall cancel shot that counters the up A/ corner camping? You aren’t actually bending your shot. Do do it you have to physically expose yourself and turn the corner. Just due to lag and ■■■■ servers if you get hit by it you might not see the player turn the corner on you. And the more gnasher moves you remove the more powerful you make the lancer. And there are plenty of mechanics you can abuse in other shooters.

Saying that wallbouncing is a counter to all of those is like saying moving your character is a counter to all of them lol.

That doesn’t break physics and balancing around corner camping is not useful IMO.

This is just completely false. Slapshots literally shoot through walls and reaxion shots go the opposite direction of your gun. Here is a clip for example where it goes through his own body and kills the guy behind him :joy:

And I have plenty of clips on slapshots as well just going through walls (from my own POV, so it’s not lag).

Back As are technically not usually shooting through walls, but it absolutely does not expose your body more than a sliver regardless and therefore it’s still broken. Physically it makes a little bit of sense, but it’s way too quick. A back A should be as slow as a blindfire since they serve the same purpose.

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Wrap shots expose your body. Rxn shots your still exposed though you’re not shooting in the direction you are moving. If we’re talking physics then wall bouncing or sliding shouldn’t exist. What would you rather happen in that clip? the gun not shoot? the gun shoot in a direction he isn’t looking? The reason physics breaking actions work in this game is to prevent the game from feeling clunky and cumbersome. A rxn shot is just and up A where you rotate your camera. He didn’t shoot through a wall so I’d say it’s fair. The reason back As appear to shoot through walls is because you’re shooting left handed and switching back to right handed. And they aren’t slowed down because you pull off the cover first so you aren’t blind firing around cover. I really hate the blind fire in this game and find myself using a pop shot instead in most cases.

We’re talking about game physics here, not IRL physics.

Solutions in order of preference:

  1. Unable to shoot (unable to shoot gun while up Aing)
  2. Unable to turn camera behind you while you’re running (lol)
  3. Shoot where you’re not looking, but where your gun is facing

Any of the three are acceptable.

The game feels “clunky” if you can’t curve your bullets through space and time?

He literally shot through himself.


Yeah it’s absurd lmao. There’s nothing you can do when someone hits a back A on you. There is literally no counter. You just have to accept the fact that they’re full red and there’s nothing you can do to stop them from back Aing you.

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So you’re basically suggesting that they remove the ability to shoot from the Up A, back A, Wrap shot (Just an Up a where you rotate the camera around cover), the Rxn shot (Just an up A where you rotate the camera away from cover). I think the character should just shoot the shotgun over their head or spin and shoot quickly.

And to stop the back A just don’t position yourself where you can get killed by it. Same thing you do against everything else. Bait a shot and push them, bait a shot and have a teammate push them, or throw a smoke and stun them. Do anything but slide into that corner and you should be alright.

Yes, or majorly nerf them by adding delays.

That’s not possible.

You can’t counter this argument with “throw a smoke at them”. At that point, you’re just ignoring the entire discussion about broken mechanics. You can technically throw a smoke at a player with a boomshot and kill him while he’s stunned too - doesn’t mean it’s not a massive advantage to have a boom.

Not true at all. Back A kills you if you’re anywhere within 10 feet of the corner. Back As don’t only kill people who are “sliding into it”.

As I originally stated, if you have an enemy full red and he sits on a cover throwing out back As, he’ll down you or chunk you before you have a chance to even go wide on him and down him. He’s effectively not full red if he’s on a corner because there’s nothing you can do to hurt him any more.

How can you not position yourself so you don’t get killed by it? Go stand on the other side of the map. You don’t have to push everyone you see. And sure he has an advantage by standing on the corner. In theory you should have an advantage when being behind cover in a cover based shooter. So be smart and don’t push that corner. The smoke grenade is one of the most powerful tools in the game if you know how to use it right. Throwing a smoke before pushing someone in cover is what you are supposed to do. Or throw the smoke and push the other side of cover. Again, do anything but push the guy on the corner and you will live.

This game is built on broken mechanics. Wall bouncing is a broken mechanic, the weapon slide in UE was a broken mechanic, sure the rxn shot is kind of a broken mechanic but anyone can learn how to do it just like wall bouncing.Wall canceling gives you the tightest shotgun spreads. Remove all these broken mechanics you’re left with botwalking.

Ok so you nearly win a fight, get this dude full red, but because he found a corner to sit on, he’s now impossible to kill. Your solution to that is “stand on the other side of the map”?

There are some fights that should be pushed. Having a dude full red while you go wide is one of those fights. The fact that you can’t push that fight shows there is something broken.

If he’s full red and you are almost full health then you can 100% win that fight. If you hit any sliver of him he should go down if he is actually full red. Again, draw an early shot or wall bounce to dodge. I’ve never seen anyone have problems going full health against someone who is less than 20%.

Watch my clips that I posted a few messages back lol. Back As wouldn’t be so common if it weren’t as effective as I’m describing. It’s just a fact that you’ll often lose fights even if he’s < 20% health.