The worst gears weapon

And why it’s the hammerburst.
I’m not sure why tc decided to drill this gun into the ground.
First they take it off a main gun selection. Then they change it to a burst weapon in 4. ( which while annoying wasn’t bad. You could still use it. ) then in 5 they nerf it more, make it less deadly from a distance.

I find there is almost no point to use the weapon in any game play. I can use the lancer for more effect from any distance. ( even though I have some select issues with that.)

The enforcer has more use than the hammer burst.

I mean why bother even having it on the one map its on now?


The Gnasher.


It’s good for roleplaying as a locust drone from gow1.


Gnasher ■■■■■■■■ is baked into the gun.

I think you mean gow 2 :wink:

who wants to start a gears of war roleplay post?

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I may be wrong but I think the Gears 5 hammerburst is the Mark I from Gears 1. The semi-auto Mark II is from Gears 2.

It’s a cub compared to the bear gears 1 version.

But the look is the 2-3 version.

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Well when using active reload clips on the hammer burst it packs quite a punch (at least more than the lancer) but that’s about it unfortunately.

They can probably put it back as a load out weapon because of the,well you know, gnasher. Everyone will still use the gnasher

It is the Hammerburst II but it fires in bursts. Notice how it looks like the ones from 2,3, 4 and the II in Judgement. The Gears 1 version and the Classic HB from Judgement are definitely different models.

Oh ok :ok_hand:


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I see that more than the hammy

Fr? Dang

It’s on more maps…let me be clear, I still rarely see it but it’s more than the hammerburst

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The Hammerburst is the most underwhelming rifle, lacking the secondary functions of the Lancer variants and the close-range effectiveness of the Enforcer.

I can’t stress enough how much I’d like a moderate zoom function on the HB similar to the Boltok.

The Talon is very flawed. Horrific kick and range. I hope TC adds skill cards that encourage its use in PvE for Gears 6 or future Operations. Bleed, kick reduction, damage increase, etc.


Didn’t it used to have an ironsight back in Gears 3.



It definitely did in one of the earlier titles and I’d love to see it come back.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Hammerburst. I would pick it over the lancer on Gears 2&3 due to the chainsaw flinch being a bit OTT on those games. Have to admit, it went downhill on Gears 4 and i rarely used it on that game. I’ve recently been using it on Gears 5 as i’m levelling up my Tactician class and it’s still a decent enough weapon.
How you can rate it below the Enforcer or Talon is beyond me. To me both those guns are wank and have no place in Gears. TC have done a great job of adding new weapons into the series but with those 2, they got it wrong in my opinion. No fun to use at all.

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