The way you rank up

I already made a post about the ranking system and how I am very unhappy with how it works. I want to state it’s a disgrace. I want it known that all my friends and I HATE THE SYSTEM. I love the game itself and you basically made a system where you need to literally go off in a game to rank up. I am winning games 2-0 playing passive support and I rank down? It’s a joke how all I heard for awhile is team game-play and I get penalized for it in a win. I’m still a diamond player sitting in silver, for some reason kills is the main way of ranking up? Ultimately what’s the point of playing a game? Answer to win as a team. In the next update fix this please, gives this a thumbs up if you agree please and comment what you think.


I can’t believe anyone take rank seriously in this game.


You mean taking competition seriously?



I bet you’re one of the people that go afk/quit and feed in ranked matches😂. the point of ranked Is to take it some what seriously and have something to work towards. Have a reason to get better and show where you stand in the community. If You don’t take it seriously you should just stay in social quick play.


I just like getting the skins, and it annoys me when it’s completely broken, because then I have no chance of moving up once I’ve got my placement rank even if I wanted to.


Honestly, I don’t care about rank. I will always be bronze. Nevertheless, I can understand this stuff doesn’t make sense and the frustration.

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It’s frustrating that no company can get it right. It doesn’t work in Gears 5, Gears 4, Halo 5, Rainbow Six etc. Yet they insist on implementing it. It does mess with matchmaking because a Diamond player could be ranked silver, meaning they are probably going to demolish everyone they go up against.

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I agree. At the least if you win you don’t lose any tier points what so ever.


How rank works? Im stuck in Silver 3 when I was Diamond 4 +97% in GOW4. Its ridiculous. It doesnt change.


I’m Diamond 5 GOW 4 and Silver 2 79% in GoW5 – out of perhaps 8 or so total matches.

Just by looking at the leaderboards I can see I am in the correct area in line with the other names I see based on the skill I know they have.

If you’re expecting to be in Masters already then you better be spending every free minute in ranked and consistently outperform.

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I understand your frustrations with the Ranking System since from the sounds of it is what you all work towards and is the fun and accomplishment that you got from GOW 4 and are looking to get in Gears 5. To each their own. Everyone has their own fun in GOW 5 that’s why we have different game modes.

On the other hand just because you were a Diamond player in GOW 4 doesn’t automatically entitle you a Diamond rank in a totally different game such as Gears 5. The two games are way different. Gears 5 MP has been changed drastically and the Ranking system has probably followed suit. Just look at how we have Eliminations now, which inflates everyone’s “Kills”. The GOW 4 system was complicated in itself and had so many factors in it that didn’t even have to do with only your performance. TC learned from that system and for better or for worse made changes. There are also a lot of people who are in Ranked matches just for the achievements, Tour Of Duty daily challenges, and for Medals so your not going to get the most dedicated serious gamers in there anymore.


I was an onyx 2 close to 3 in gears4, and I’m a silver 3 in five. Trust me, I’m playing matches against silvers that feel like I’m playing against straight up diamonds. It’s out of whack right now. I had early access and everyone i know and played with in gears four who were onyx 3 and up all placed in silver two. Also there’s 20000 total points and the top of silver three is 16000. That’s 80% of the way to masters. So that doesn’t make sense. I think it’s all messed up and you’ll need to wait till season two.


Like I said, based on the names I see in Silver and the skill I know they have - where I am placed currently falls in line with that.

Ranking is likely messed up but it isn’t just throwing people completely willy nilly everywhere. It needs time to develop a learned model on players.

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Without mention the solution to the problem of playing with people of different ranks: hidding the ranks at the end of matches.


I know. Im agreeing with you. It’s messed up. I shouldn’t be getting pairs up against players like you. Not yet that is. Not in silver.


Hi Gears players,

I so agree. I really get that the good players value the competition and the rank and getting what is earned with it, but as sonic kinda pints out you know who really loses the lower ranks. we saw that in season 7 gears 4 and now in 5. Add to this the ridiculous ping flux and sponging . It really destroys the lower real ranked players. They are the base and they are needed.

I think a true good player that is high ranked should be awarded, but i also think that the lower ranks should not be a punching bag to inflated K/D.

I finished my 5 games on KOTH, Guardian and TDM. KOTH and Guardian ended in silver 1 and TDM silver 2. Most likely i never be a Onyx player so my goal is Gold. Of course if high ranks are now in my matchmaking pool that dream is gone…smile

I think you should never lose rank. I think you need to get credit for support as well as K/D. If they did this maybe they could mix the ranks a bit better?

I had an experiences in 4 season seven. match all onxy and diamonds. i was low silver 1 player or 2 not sure but lest just say silver. My ping was 5 to 10 everyone else 80 to 100. i had so many things working against me. three guys on my team on open mic calling me stupid , garbage, trash telling me to uninstall the game plus other selective words. All because my K/D was not high like their. why would it be? Yes i only had 6 kills, but can you imagine a silver up against 2 diamond or 2 onyx. I stood no chance. I tried really hard. We lost and it was blamed on me. Really?

My point is: If those guys where so mad and its clear they out ranked me by 2 to 3 full ranking then what will happen if they are silver play other true silvers or vice versa.

All i really want it is to play ranked in my true peer group so its fun and i am not getting destroyed or call names for fin trying. I think there are some valid point on both sides of this thread.


I’m silver 2 (top)79% and just lost a match. We had 1 quitter within first 5 minutes on my team but I was able to cinch MVP. Despite the loss, still moved up to Silver 2 (top)29%.

So, there is logical movement taking place on individual performance… I think it’s just the time factor. We’ll have to wait for things to fall in place.


Agree 100%. The problem is that they didnt fix it. I think they base the matchmakings on total points of teams instead on true skills.

So lets say that bronze is worth 100, silver 200, gold 300, onyx 400 and diamond 500.

COG Team: Two diamonds plus 3 bronzes = 500 + 500 + 100 + 100 + 100 = 1300
Swarm Team: 5 golds = 300 x 5 = 1500

Obviously these teams have more or less the same points, BUT THEY ARE NOT BALANCED! It ruins every player game experience and TC seems dont learn from GOW4. And do you know the worse? It does not seem that they will change it. I hope I am wrong.


Halo 3 had it right I reckon