The Wanderer is the worst Hive

I love Escape and it’s one of my favorite game modes theyve added. But… God is the Wanderer making me hate it.

This hive is easily the worst theyve had so far and its ruining the experience for me. Its downright unplayable on any difficulty higher than advanced, and even on advanced it’s extremely unenjoyable. The main issue is the sheer speed the scion moves at. Even without the speed buff it receives on elite it’s ridiculous, easily catching up when you’re not wasting time. If Escape was designed a bit differently, then this might’ve been okay, but it makes the hive difficult and unfun.

Normally with the hives I try to push for a 1 % ranking for the skins but honestly, this hive has made me stop giving a ■■■■ and I’m giving up on going for the hivebuster skins.

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Funnily enough, even though the Scion is supposed to chase you throughout the hive, the best way to actually outrun is to… not run. At least, after a certain point. You just have to lock it in any of the available supply caches, preferably not the one with the Boomshot. This is best done on the left path as you only have a few Rejects and either Hunters or Snipers in your way and the Scion has to go a longer way to get to you. Repeat the same thing on the second section but on the right path(make sure to kill the Drone Elites and either Elite Hunters or Snipers quickly). Once he’s locked away(hope he doesn’t get glitched out in the doors or you’ll probably be better off just restarting altogether), take your time to go around. The venom speed isn’t doubled in the hive so it’s easy to stay ahead of it, and you don’t need to take many risks.

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Ive been looking for people to try this on a higher level with, I’m not the best at escape but the way some people play, they will never finish a hive.

Try locking the scion in the first supply room. FYI you will need a shock grenade to make this work.

Flashbang. A Shock doesn’t help you get past unless you throw it at him in a path where you can run past the Shock safely.

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True a flash works too and is safer. Good thinking.

One of the easier escape… Soloable even on master difficulty. Each hive has a solution, for this one, you just lock the mulcher scion in a supply room.

Pick up explosive ammo and you get a flash bang. Don’t use shock or pick it up. Throw, stun scion, run out and lock the room. The rest of the hive, you can go slow and steady, rack up kills and gain huge time bonuses…

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Watch this:



Nice! One thing I never got was how do you triple melee/finish with execution? I play on PC but still use a controller.

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You hold B twice for double slashes, press B for 3rd kick back attack then meatshield or B again for execution.


He explains that in the video, it’s the same button in how you pick up a downed enemy as a meatshield but after triple melee…

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Theproblem is NOT the wandering Scion but the stupid hive structure!
Worst level so far imo

How is the hive structure bad? I thought it was pretty good and a decent change from the hive layouts seen in most before it.

Way to big and strange to navigate through

It’s not hard once you played it a few times. Even The Hunters which is a “mazy hive” was not that difficult to go around once you memorized the layout and knew which paths to take to go through quickly.

Although it is a little big or perhaps just drawn out to play. Takes a while to get to the ending.


It is the largest hive afaik and not very fun to run through…
Also where is the sense in having a chasing Scion if you can just trap him in one of the many safe rooms?
Good idea, Really bad executed imo

It’s practically impossible to outrun the Scion with the fight encounters in it. On Advanced my group which can and has beaten pretty much every hive to date on Master, where we didn’t lock the Scion, it was still catching up to us at the ending and only one of us got out. Good concept, but as you said, badly executed.


Doesn’t seem big, Take screenshots of the mini maps and draw a direct line from start to mid point. Then mid point to the end. The distance should be around the same as most maps. Especially considering most of it are hallways, which you can just run like hell, and small rooms where you clear enemy encounters, where they have a harder time to flank you.

It might seem big if you run it for the first few times since you waste a lot of time exploring the dead ends. First virgin run, took me a while as I explored, 2nd time, I’m speed running.

Advanced? Isn’t it easy, even without locking the scion. I can literally solo zoom past everything wipe out all the enemies along the way and the chaser is still 2 rooms away…

Since I don’t need to lock the scion, the run time to end is faster but score is lower as you skip killing a lot of other stuff on the sides as well as cog tags pickup bonuses.

We kind of got unlucky with enemy spawns and the way they came at us(and coordination failed a little). So two of us found ourselves in the middle of two Buzzkill Scions and a bunch of Drone Elites while Lahni was up ahead with Electroblade active and nothing to hit with it.