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Nothing is worse than getting killed b/c you are stuck to the wall. Please, take tbese delays off. Roll into cover and cant get off the wall. Cznt roll off or. Run off. Jut stuck. A sitting duck.


It’s the animations. They did something different because it seems to transition slower. It’s frustrating.

I’m only having issues with sticky walls when my ping is sub-30ms and someone is above 80ms.

This alone is reason to add strict ping filters. No more high pings because the game can’t properly work with them. It’s stupid.

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Movement is client side so ping shouldn’t affect it. I’m telling you, it’s the animations. Their clunky and slow when getting into cover.

I understand this.

But matches with high pings are the only matches with this issue. What else do you attribute it to then?

Logically you’re correct. But this is Gears we’re talking about.

Oh come on! Just try to play with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint! The walls are much more stickier on that game!! :unamused:
And at least in Gears 5, your badass character do not start collecting pretty flowers in the middle of a fight - another reason why I hate Breakpoint. :roll_eyes:

Lol, that game was universally accepted as being trash on every level. :joy:

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I notice it happens a lot more often when you’re getting shot, like a psue-do stopping power.

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i just came back to play after a while of not playing and i’m noticing this heavlity.

every time, i just cant move from the damn wall!!!

It’s weird how it differs from lobby to lobby…it should be client side but some lobbies I’ll be wall bouncing like a god then next match it’s like Im in gears 1 and can barely wall cancel if at all and I’m getting stuck on every corner…this is a server side issue for sure when pings are out of whack issues like this always arrive


The movement is definitely not client side. It is way different every game. My fiber connection is ■■■■■■■ me b/c on my low 20 ping, all I can do is roll or stick to walls. Cant bounce. Can barely up A in most places. Plus no shots register. Lose every 1 v 1. Switch over to my ■■■■■■ mobile hotspot and it feels like im ice skating. Wtf has TC done with their net code? On my game I feel punished for having a 1% internet connection.


At least it is less stickier than in Division 2! :upside_down_face:

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No doubt…just bought it being on sale for $3.00. I keep trying to up A and bounce of cover. Its like any object is made of fly paper . its fun though…