The Wal bounce good or bad?

I haven’t been able to play on nothing or escalation because of the problems we are having, but I’ve been able to experience social arcade and the wall bounce is horrible pls tell me it isn’t like that for ranked!

I tried in Koth and it was horrible. Only the host could do it fast and well.

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You have made a couple of posts now about host advantage/invincible host

It is played on dedicated servers! There isn’t a host player.

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Sorry but you’re wrong. When you have dedicated servers, you have a host but there is less lag because the game use dedicated servers, not the same that for other Xbox live services. You can saw that on Gears 4 when it said connection to the host in a ranked match.

I just had a stroke reading that.


This game is running on dedicated 60hz servers. I have absolutely no idea why you think you are playing against people with invincible host advantages. It simply doesn’t work that way.

When you play a ranked match against a silver in Gears 4 and you see is playing like a rushing noob killing everybody in one shot when you need to shoot him 2, 3 or even 4 times and you play again against him in an other game with almost all the same player but he’s not adavantaged anymore, you see the host in not the same. Yes, you have dedicated servers but only to support and reduce lag, it doesn’t say you have no host. You can even feel when you are host or not, if the host have a good connection or not. It looks worst in Gears 5 and their are changes that make the game boring as hell.