The voices of the locust in Spanish do not sound the same as they sounded in previous games

The voices of the locust do not sound the same as the original in Spanish, I know that maybe it is not something that important, but as a gears player I need the original voices of the locust, and not a simple filter that makes the voices lower , if not they really sound good and scary, the voices of the locust are as important as the voices of the cog a good voice makes the game more immersive

Wouldn’t they need to be different… Like dubbed in Spanish since they speak borderline English?

Well, I speak Spanish, I say it for that reason many characters such as the locust do not have the original voices, as if they are in the video that I attach to this publication, In previous games, voice actors were also hired for the locust in Spanish, but in gears5 all they did was put a filter that makes the voice lower, which leaves much to be desired

They changed their og voices for the spanish dub, compared to the rest of the characters

Now they sound similar to scions, bot with a way slower voice.

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