The vision of a Professional Player on how Gears 6 should be

Here is the video.

1:30 → Better ranking system
3:25 → Good progression system
7:30 → Gears of War Lore
10:10 → Better game modes

So what do you think?!

Professional player doesnt mean squat to me, I dont think of them any higher because they play gears at a professional level. I care if they are fans of the franchise.

Besides that I have my take

Gears 4s ranked system
Gears 4s tuning/movement
Gears 3s progression and skin system, (most were very reasonable and some required some dedication, which I’m very ok with doing)
Gears 5 pve, literally everything that they did in pve was done very well.
5v5 NEEDS to return, it isnt 2006 anymore.

One thing that both epic and TC have failed to do is have a variety of maps. Both have insisted on bringing back the same maps while others have sat in the archives. A two game system should be in place to where maps that have appeared in 2 gears games back to back shouldnt return in the next title.

For example: Gridlock, Blood Drive, Checkout, Clocktower, any gears 4 TC original map that made it to 5, etc…

Next game should prioritize TC maps over epic, the epic maps that return should be maps that have been collecting dust, like Mansion, Thrashball, Pavillion, etc…

Anyways… that’s my two cents.


Ditto. An opinion is an opinion and I’ll take it on its own merits (and weaknesses).


Wasnt trying to tear down his post lol. But idk maybe I have a bit of resentment for pros considering they are the ones who had the 5 tuning implemented in the first place.

Can we also get clone troopers for gears 6?

I think that everyone’s opinion is of equal importance, so long as it’s within reason.

These “Professional” players are no exceptions. If anything I hold them in contempt for most of the problems with this game.


Definitely not lol. No more crossover characters.


On a wider and broader scale, my issue with highlighting it as a “professional’s” opinion carries with it some levels of hypocrisy, because it only ever happens when one agrees with the “professional”. It becomes a tool to try to legitimise the views and give it more weight.

Often on social media you get celebrities expressing X opinion about current affairs, and then people jump on them and say things like “you should stay out of politics and stick with acting/music/writing fiction/sports” etc etc. This kinda thing is clearly designed to devalue their opinion. The reality is that people do this just because they’re butthurt that a celebrity has a different opinion to them. I mean, by this same principle then Dave the Bricklayer should not be allowed to comment on anything apart from construction; or Sally the Chef shouldn’t be allowed to comment on anything apart from cooking and the food industry.

Anyway, I went off on one just there, but this is just one of those things that really bugs me. Consider the words and the views, not the person behind it.


Its TC you think they won’t lol


Agreed, maybe I was a little too harsh.

What matters most is that TC isnt going to use any of our ideas.


You were nowhere near harsh, let alone too harsh. Your first response is perfectly fine.

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Thinking about it, the PVE community doesn’t have this kind of means to promote and present our views. Obviously we don’t really have “professional” players in the same sense as PVP. Not that I’d want for us to have that! I’ve seen all kinds of opinions and ideas for PVE, and alot of them are awful; and some of them are pretty good.


The thing is, not to say that the community doesnt lack good ideas. But pve has improved tremendously from 3-5. I’m unsure if it’s due to our ideas or theirs but they do it, it gives me hope that at least one mode will keep gears alive and some sort of gears content will keep me happy.

Its beyond me that they can’t keep the versus community mostly happy. In my opinion, it doesnt take much to please us. It truly doesnt. But they cant seem to understand what we want, but with all the versus rants the forums have seen, how hasnt it clicked yet?

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Probably mostly due to the fact said rants are usually contradictory to one another.


Lol, catering to “professional” players in a single tuning system has worked so well, hasnt it :grin: ?

It’s like a formula 1 driver expressing an opinion about transmissions in family SUVs… Their opinion is perfectly valid, but the F1 aspect of them is completely irrelevant, so by explicitly mentioning it they are trying to inflate the ‘value’ of their opinion, even though their experience has nothing to do with most people who would end up using what they are trying to comment on…

Everyone’s opinion should be equal but usually anything versus posted here just gets clowned on for no reason. Doesn’t make much sense to me. Almost always results in arguments and the post getting closed.


where the catering to the pro horde players or the expert blademasters?!

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Now this i can get behind.


One of Coalition’s mistakes is listening to pro players. The game should focus on average players, doesn’t matter what pros think.

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Excluding them isnt the answer. It should be the community as a whole. They should have a say as well, just not the whole say.