The utter state of this Gears Judgement 2.0

This game needs a bunch of fixes, fast.

Hitboxes are miles wide, I constantly get blasted 3 feet i cover or get ‘updated’ round walls by crossfire lancer.

Terminators are rampant on Ranked, what was the point of designing your character models, creating Locust 2.0, adding voice lines, if all you have is sets of ■■■■■■■ keys running around spamming silent actives.

Sound, too often you can’t hear vital audio cues, such as feet stomping or breathing in a roadie run from the sides until the enemy is in gib range.

Rewarding players with absolute cancerous trash aim with instacrit gnashers.
I have seen a really consistent pattern in “who” can get these overpowered 1 bang gnashers, console users and the lowest fragger. Now i know it sounds like conspiracy theories, but I can go toe to toe with the lead player, but the low skill ■■■■■■■ runs 10 model lengths distance and I get knocked down or turned into bits.

Utter cancer, remove them or make them pickups. The game stagnates into Lancers and flashes every time.

Guardian/Dodgeball Spawn protection
Remove it, if you pop out the leaders ■■■■ while im running him down, you should not have 3 seconds to start waddling towards me immortal.

Ranked Crossplay
Unless I cannot find the setting, but why the ■■■■ am I not able to remove cucksole users from my ranked games? I am sick to death of seeing lobbies with 4 PC vs me, every single time. You cannot give me a skill rating when you handicap me with literal bots.

Lancer stopping power.
Needs to be knocked on the head, if im rolling away i shouldn’t be glued to the floor.

Unsatisfying, people always turn into chunks, Gears 2/3 had people lose legs/arms/heads, 2019 and people just disintegrate into blood? Boring, also tweak the range, Actives shouldn’t provide a super insta crit from 3 acres away.

Teamdeathmatch tickets.
Give each player a pool of reserve tickets, maybe 2/3, I am sick to death of players burning 8 tickets a round, i die once and im out. Keep the 15 all use tickets if you must.

Dropshot, buffed too much on ntravel speed, you never escape it on PC.

Salvo, should not be killing through cover.

Maps, not enough, 7 and 3 of them are utter rat bags. (Campbound, Trashgar spring to mind)

Melee combo, literally worse than beatdown kids from gears 1, this is instant poke to win.

If this isn’t tweaked soon, then plenty will just jump to Modern Warfare or even backtrack to Gears 4. The game has some great features, the story so far is awesome, but for christs sake stop casual baiting and pissing off the core audience every single launch.


Does that even work in Versus? I’ve gotten the hang of doing it in Horde and Escape, but when I played Coop vs AI against bots, if I tried to do this melee combo it would just make my character hit once and then stop.

Its in the settings to turn off ranked crossplay. its on the same page you see the pings on the different servers

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Nothing new. It’s been like that in past gears.

Good rant, I like it!


I know. How about they (Microsoft) get a new developer to handle the series? One that seems to give a ■■■■ about it and has played EVERY single game and understands it needs a balance between them all.

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You say that as if a lot of these design choices weren’t made at the request of Microsoft.

I will NEVER go back to GNASHER OF WAR 4 and half the things mentioned were present in older Gears so who cares anymore
But I agree that footsteps sounds, flashs and the T800 are badly done

I used the breaker early tonight, was in a ranked execution, and it came down to 1 v 3. First guy I hit the B button and slid about 8 feet straight towards him and gibbed him, locked on the entire time. The other two were together, again, hit the B button, locked on and slid towards the one on the left, and both of them just exploded.