The updated Retro is very useful, it turns out

Bloody typical useless Marcus, right guys?

Seriously though, the new Retro hits extremely hard :slight_smile:
By the way, our original JD left shortly after Wave 30.
This was on Master.

What was your JD doing, sleeping half the time?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joking aside, I’d call those decent numbers. But I don’t think your average Marcus player will pull those off. Not from what I’ve seen anyway since a lot of them usually have fairly underwhelming damage under their tab.

After the update on Horde I’m using Marcus, now he’s very good. For Escape not that much…

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According to OP, he technically did (JD the character, not the player). He was probably like, “oh sh*t I fell asleep,” and had to play the catch up game.

Hey dude. Sadly our first JD just left without at word at around Wave 32. This new guy joined immediately after. It would have been interesting to compare the numbers for a full game.

Glad to hear that mate. He’s been a big favourite of mine for months now. With the sexy new Retro Lancer, plus bargain price Perks, there’s not been a better time to enjoy our boy Marcus.


Living Legend with the perk that increase the duration of the ability is very very cool.


Can Marcus buy it from the fabricator?

I really should know this with my level 17 Marcus but I don’t

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I think the above table also illustrates the changes made to Kait. She isn’t as effective sniping with the Overkill any longer, whereas Marcus excels at range (zero damage drop-off for the Claw, and only up to 10% for the Retro at extreme range).

Yes he can.

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No table shows, but Kait took a pretty hard nerf.

Edit: I suppose you mean scoreboard.

Hard to tell anything from a scoreboard position without being in the game.

Last few Kaits I’ve played with went afk a few rounds for whatever reason.

Some people play very aggressively and others just enough to not get badmouthed lol.


No I think this is a pretty good example of that nerf being felt. I’ve played with this Kait many times and know how strong she can be. It was clear she wasn’t smashing the Horde quite as dominantly as before. It was a weird game anyway… strangely we got no robots, and only joke bosses all the way - not one Swarmak/Kestrel/Matriarch :disappointed:

Oh right, yes, that was my meaning mate.

True, true. Just one single example. My main objective here was to show some love for Marcus and celebrate the Custom Retro :heart:

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Kait is great at defending a lane by herself but she has to wait for them to march a little closer than before. Like…Talon range.

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Single tap firing the retro gets you loads of easy headshots too

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It’s astonishing how no one uses Kait golden card now. She can clear entire waves of drones so the rest can focus on bigger enemies.


Easy to overlook the huge buff she’s received, amongst the complaining. Good point.

Gold card or not, the Horde are still in for a world of pain as a capable Kait arrives on the scene.


Marcus is all about the retro lancer now in horde.

Custom Lancer gives it a large damage boost, and Lancer Stock makes it very easy and pleasing to shoot.

Couple that with its headshot ability it is a staple on insane and higher difficulties.

My general strategy is to active reload the retro lancer, pop living legend, then go to town. Once active bullets end swap to regular lancer and active reload and keep shooting. Keep swapping between them as such. Keep it rolling with rifle feedback, and rifle mags will give you the ammo you need. Doubles crate pickups, btw.

On rounds where it is Living Legend is cooling off, spray a tri shot for a round. Marcus is a decent tri shooter because dig in for 50% damage resist means he can spray for a lot longer and not have to worry about enemy fire as much.


Congratulations bro. I’m not asking this to undermine your success but what difficultly were you on?


Yeah, definitely need to know what difficulty this was. Marcus is very strong on everything up to Inconceivable with the health modifier off, but on Master the Retro and Claw aren’t going to do much past Wave 30.


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I’ve played a decent amount of Kait and I’ve actually switched to her gold card since the last update. Her bleed and range feels inconsistent now. I’ve not cleared entire waves but well enough twice as many drone executions than without the card equipped.

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From the looks of the team score and damage, I’d imagine it would be a Master.

Especially given the OP said the JD came in after wave 32, and he has 4m damage. No way anyone can get that much damage with health modifier off.

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