The Unconventional Tactician Build (The 5th Sniper)

Was testing around a little bit yesterday and came across this funny idea.

Works pretty well against bosses as well (except for the Flock). With one Longshot you can take down over 2/3 of the health of a Kestrel while it will be unable to really get you down with its Trishots if you stand in the ring. Pretty convenient!

Have fun with it. :slight_smile:

Cards are shown near the end of the video.


Uh, wow. That was fun to watch. Also, really great shooting BTW.

Looks like it could be fun to toy around with thanks.

I would like to see other unconventional builds for classes.

Like its incredible how powerful Keegan is and yet lobbies are still saying “need JD” and when you join you get kicked lol.

Honestly I feel a nerf coming his way which will be very dissapointing because this clsss is, in my opinion, really good as.

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Hmm what do you think they would nerf?

Honestly I don’t but every time I do play this class I was get the feeling that I should enjoy as much as I can because it wont last.

Maybe they would nerf the ultimate build to stop excessive spamming but to me thats players choice. Might hit the consecutive shots card but who knows and honestly I hope I am wrong.

That looks fun! Great video.

This sounds like a you thing man. Majority of horde players have no clue of what they’re doing and can’t fully utilize these amazing class. Michael said he liked the current state of all classes except promos, relax and enjoy them dude.


May very well be its just when I enjoy something in the game TC has a tendancy to remove it like duplicate ammo crates, lizzies passive and JDs ammo card just to name a few lol. I happily accept it is a me thing but having said that I still don’t trust TC which means I have a trust issue which goes back to me which was caused by TC which goes back them but I bought the game which goes back to me but they handled the game poorly which goes back to them … My god its vicious circle.

(I need to get outside!

That can also be seen as horrendously boring.
But, it’s all about the player’s tastes.

And then they nerfed Kaits relationship with Swarmaks.

Extremely abusive relationship they had

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Equality is very important!

Sniping a moving Kestrel is way easier than throwing explosives at it.

Personal preference though. I prefer this build much more than the explosive build since I’m more of a sniper. Also a good alternative if bleed/explosive damage is reduced.

I think the relationship of getting killed immediately is better than the death of a thousand cuts a Blademaster whacking away at the Swarmak’s feet or groin(whatever it is you’re hitting) inflicts. Well, if he’s not standing with one foot up on something.

On the main topic, seems like an interesting build, but as is usual, I don’t expect many randoms to understand it is a viable thing.

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Would I be correct in assuming that this was done with a mouse? If not then I need to see footage of the controller in use lol.

Give slugger a frag PLANT card, make the stopping power card actually work, and it is a fine class.

Protector and striker, urgh…

Dude… don’t be THAT guy who demands people justify their ability with stats and video evidence! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine! Forget I said anything lol

Although stats tell me nothing and anyone who believes in the stats of this game should really not.

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When I’m showcasing the cards you can see the buttons of the controller. That’s all I have to prove playing with a controller. :sweat_smile: