The ultimate fate of the Swarm

Gears 5 just got announced, so I know it’s still waaay too early to speculate about the end of this trilogy, but everytime I think about this trilogy Gears 4 started, there’s always one thought in the back of my head.

It seems that the advertising slogan of Gears 5 is “War returns to Sera”. My question is - How is that war going to end in Gears 6?

I think it’s kinda obvious they can’t end it with another machine that sends an impuls through the whole planet and wipes out the Swarm. I mean, they can, but that would be extremely underwhelming and ridiculous.

How are they going to solve the Swarm problem? Remaining humans will barricade themselves in New Ephyra “Attack on Titan” style and just try to survive in a cage surrounded by the enemy? They will create a biological weapon that kills the Swarm creatures? Or maybe we’re going to see the end of mankind on Sera?

Ok, I think the last one would make the whole trilogy - if not the whole series - pointless, but… who knows? Whatever it is, it must be something you are a part of, like that quest for Azura in Gears 3.

So what do you think? I know it’s still super early to speculate about stuff like this, but I wonder if anyone else thought about this.

I don’t think they’ll going to end the story about the swarm in Gears 6, the story is no longer limited to a trilogy and now it’s more of a saga. This will give them some berthing room on where to take the story rather than rush it to end.

Doesn’t Sera have moons that at one point were colonized? If they have the technology to launch satellites, they probably still have the infrastructure to launch ships.

Is EARTH involved at all or not?

I don’t think Earth exists in that universe :stuck_out_tongue: Sera is the homeplanet of humans in Gears.

Also, I’m pretty sure neither of Sera’s moons was ever colonized. Besides, that still would be a silly way to conclude the story xD

I think the Locust had the ability via the Queen to end the war and settle for peace.

The Swarm however seem too bloodthirsty and not social enough to do so.

So ultimately, they would need to be destroyed :raised_hands:

I wonder if they still have their goals, like you know - claiming the surface for themselves or something.

Maybe they’re just hardwired to kill/spread, just like imulsion? The Swarm even seems to have some parasitic traits, who knows…

Judging by their dress sense, their more primal if anything. They have no corrdintion whatsoever, but it’s not the drones that need a queen. It’s the scion’s.

Scion’s must have known about Myrrah and her bloodine. It is them that want a queen.

Perhaps not a queen a traditional sense but kait is perhaps needed for the hive network.

Also, I believe she somewhat connected to the hive network because she said she gets “messages”.

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If I remember the end of Gears 4 correctly, I’m sure Kait is involved somehow, even if indirectly.

Indeed, originally Queen Myrrah sought for peace but Humanity’s arrogance brought the War. It’s just unfortunate the Hammer of Dawn was available…

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Not really, she was rearing to go until Adam begged her to hold off on her plans in exchange for finding an alternate solution to the Lambent problem.

What exactly brought Myrrah’s contempt for humanity is unclear but maybe explored given the direction the story is going now. Taking it at face value however, her reasoning is primarily philosophical: the surface dwellers have a knack of waging war and destruction while hypocritically spouting ideals for peace; how that concerns the Locust is that her people will face the same ire the humans show to their own kind. The humans were all too willing to annihilate each other, what chance does peaceful coexistence with the Locust have?

In her mind, none. And that’s a perfectly acceptable outcome as far as Myrrah is concerned. When faced with extinction, any alternative is better.

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Fair enough

Something colossal would have to happen.
Nobody figured out that Adam Fenix would lead to end of war, even though humanity was on brink of extinction in Gears 3.
Maybe Baird could figure something out, since he’s like the new Adam Fenix.

She was right. Humanity is a destructive, violent species who know very little other than war and conflict.

The Locust did indeed have a right to Sera. As the Rise of RAAM explored further, the Locust were battling an internal war for survival against the Lambert whilst the Humans were fighting against each other out of greed and corruption.