The Ultimate Battery card description is wrong

I was curious how effective the Ultimate Battery card is, so I roped two friends into helping me test it. According to the description, it shaves off recharge time for your teammates for every hit you take. I figured the best way to test this was against a Mulcher Scion, so we loaded up The Wanderer on Beginner, and I stood in front of the Mulcher Scion with Bait Armor and Heavy Deflect on for 90% damage resistance, while one player stood in range of Ultimate Battery and the other outside it (both playing Demolitions). And it did nothing. No noticeable difference in their ultimate charge times, with a level 5 card.

It turns out that despite the description, it actually works off the amount of damage you take, not the number of hits. I had a hunch it might work this way, so we loaded up The Line on Master, found a Dropshot Scion, and had it land a direct hit on me with the projectile, and it instantly charged the two Demolitions’ ultimates. So there you have it; the card does nothing unless you’re taking damage, and it won’t do anything at all during Reflective Shell.


Reminds me of the old ultimate for Marcus. Rifle feedback saying it extends the ultimate based off of rifle hits, when in reality it is rifle damage based.

Solid info :+1:

I notice a lot of the descriptions of perks tend to be incorrect. I’m glad I never ran that card.

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I suspect the Heavy Charger card description is similarly wrong, too. I tested it at level 5 with both the Mulcher and Trishot, and found that with both weapons it roughly doubled the amount of ult charge you get from shooting enemies, but the Mulcher should be landing more hits than the Trishot and thus charge faster with the card. But at least I know it’s worth bringing.


I just want to know why this p.o.s. still doesn’t work.


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Does that mean in Horde you can keep downing yourself with like a Salvo in a locker, giving ultimates to the team?

Interesting. I wonder if this is based on damage taken, if having higher damage resistance actually slows down your ultimate recharge speed? If it’s damage based, then perhaps having low damage resistance and taking more damage actually speeds it up?

I’d still keep using Bait Armor though! The ultimate recharge time is still very fast and I’d rather stay on my feet, but it’s just a thought.

Ultimate Battery only affects teammates. If you were talking about the Pilot’s passive, though, it might be worth thinking about. When The Gatekeepers was the weekly, I discovered that intentionally getting hit by a Dropshot projectile as Pilot in the first encounter gave me about half ult charge, and doing so was enough for the Silverback to be ready in time for the Deebee encounter.

They play tested it with the embar :rofl:

I suspected this but I never tested it. I use to main the mulcher on my gunner because of the mulcher dmg perk. Then they nerfed it so I went back to the tried and tested tri shot.


Also, I knew this for a while. Even getting downed with Longshot Sniper seems to boost Ultimate recharge a lot. Simply try anything to get downed, and Bait Armour / Resistance cards don’t help. It just slows down further.

It will from today!

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There was a thread somewhere with all known PvE issues, I need to find it so we can try and look through it on stuff like this.

Any ideas?

I help you push it :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you were looking for this one? There’s a lot of stuff.

There is that one, but there was a player made one also that mostly focused on PvE

EDIT: I can use that as a starter point at least

Ok, maybe this one then? It’s more about broken/bugged/inaccurate skill cards though. Also a bit old as it seems to be from OP6, so a few things might not be accurate anymore.

Everything else that I can find is about balancing feedback.

Well I sadly do not know which thread is being referred to, some preliminary search function use has not yielded any result. The only one that comes to memory would be the thread regarding the Lambent issues which is nowhere close to that.