The turret for mechanic

Is it only me or does anyone else find Mechanic’s turret really annoying?

Every time the engineer deploys (hits the ultimate) the turret I get a short delay, it’s even worse when it happens every wave especially when I’m using a sniper.

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Yup definitely annoying.

@TC_Clown can you fix this please?



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Way annoying to the point it hurts more than it helps :stuck_out_tongue:

If only TC had actually paid attention to complaints about it happening as soon as the Mech ult was changed to the turret and fixed that instead of a pointless fix of the Infiltrator passive that was hardly game breaking nor game changing.


Tac and Striker in the background be like :no_mouth: (not related to the Passive but something else)

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I have to lvl up Mechanic.

Is this really annoying or I can use the Turret without my team getting mad at me?

No it‘s not so annoying like everyone says.
It‘s a mini delay but who cares.
I have no problem with it.

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It’s annoying and it causes what feels like a momentary lag which lasts about a second. It can throw people off if they’re trying to line up a headshot or something. It can result in them missing their short, or going DBNO as the delay causes them to be unable to effectively move and get into cover.

Overall it’s not the kind of thing which loses the game by getting everyone downed. More of an annoyance really.


When I have to level up Mechanic, I’ll keep in mind if there are snipers.

Is it the same for escape? And the player who is Mechanic, he has the same issue or the lag is for the other players?

Why fix totally unbalanced and exploitable op-stuff like the Mega-bleed Striker when you can nerf the Infiltrator for the like 6th Time?

Somebody at TC must hate the Infiltrator Class with a Passion. , :joy:

Too bad It’s still a God-tier Class :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes the same lag effect in escape unfortunately. Snipers could miss their shot or anyone who are in the way to melee.
But we need to make it with it … a mech has the right to have fun with his turret. He may have some easy opportunities to deploy just before an encounter. Same in horde … not to use ultimate as a panic answer in the middle of a tough fight.

No Lizzie Allowed! :sweat_smile:

Maybe TC hate Kait!? :thinking:

At this point it’s almost better to go to Twitter to get their attention. Sucks they made this whole platform just to ignore it. Obviously exaggerating but it does seem like they said “peace” and don’t want deal with us anymore

Striker Mega Bleed is the silliest exploit ive seen on this game besides when Baird had bleed barriers that deleted everything that touched them lol

but the general horde playerbase will tell you Infiltrator has been dogsh*t since op2. Lol these people blow my mind

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When I am Eng I only place my turret in boss waves becaus I constantly have a hard time to place it because of moving around mates or whatever. Tbh I think my turret killed me more often than enemies did. And sometimes it bugs around like hell and you cannot even shoot it


I hate the Turret. Nuff said.
Never deploy it when I play as Mech.

I liked bloody balls more :laughing:


Ah bloody balls against the matriarch on Ice Queen … good time.

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