The Truth behind Gears 5 (Read this)

I agree on that but not to the point where gears5 is looking like fornite lol, and you need to be carefulwhat you do to your games for example Cod, bf, fornite is always the same thing and cod was going downhill because they were evolving too much and look at them now with MW, they understood what the fans wanted and now they are at the top.

I bet if I ask anyone of my friends who’s older than 15 what the greatest Devs/Games or recent memory are, they wouldn’t tell me COD is at the top of that list. And sales don’t matter when it comes to product.

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Well if you do not think currently CoD is one of the top of games then I don’t know what are you playing and @Krylon_Blue No host just pure skill, on that video I was not even on my prime playing gear2 and there were people even faster than me but at the end of the day it is how you land your shots(and I hardly missed a shot), that was 2016 waiting for g4 but again I do agree a gears2 with the faster movement that we have today would be the perfect gears, good night guys.

Gods no, maybe best-selling. But at one point The Hobbit movies were best-selling too.

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“The best Gears ever created.” I mean, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but man… wooooooow. Unreal lol.


Yes, it was slower. EPIC, on top of literally slowing down the movement from Gears 1, added stopping power that was on par woth getting hit by a train. This was all done in order to curb the Gnasher. Also it’s very convenient you decided to ignore all the other points I made regarding Gears of War 2, which were all factual. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a bad player apparently lol

Which I find funny. Also a clue to Epic trying to move away from the gnasher in 2 was the gnasher being the only starting weapon to not get a golden skin

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Yup, exactly.

The most used gun in OG Gears doesn’t get a golden skin, yet the ■■■■■■■ Hammerburst does. Like what lol

I’m pretty sure the introduction of Arcade mode was a wet dream for both Cliff and Rod lol

Oi I was really good with HB

And the gold skins were pre order bonuses

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They were but there wasnt one for the gnasher

Are you gonna join Ghost and I for some escape @Nineteenth_Hour???

Only if you accept Delivery Drivers with no working Mics.

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I’m logging on

No u

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Sorry, but I have to disagree. Imo, gears 3 had the best overall story/fun factor/balancing… so to me, it was the best gears game. 2 was just a bit too clunky and slow, with most weapons feeling like pea shooters. The story was good, but gears 3 was great. It was the culmination of the trilogy, it showed how desperate everyone had become (cog, locust) and the infighting with the glowies made for an amazing feeling… each encounter actually felt like you were fighting a war on 3 fronts, and we weren’t sure if we were gonna win (by we I mean the cog).

3 had the best written story out of them all, the most heartfelt moments (dom’s death/Marcus’s reactions thru the campaign), actual feelings of despair, seeing the devastation from the hammer strikes in outlying cities (especially when we met griffin)… it had all the elements that culminated in that wonderful “this is from dom” moment when Marcus dropped the queen, knowing the locust are about to be destroyed, THEN the sinking feeling yet again when we couldn’t save Marcus’s dad… 3 had it all and it couldn’t have been told any better to end the trilogy. Yes 2 had its moments, but we barely knew tai and then he takes a gnasher to the face. The biggest moment was Maria, but the story pushed on and kinda glossed over it after. 3 made us feel the impactful moments… and they were more impactful.

Besides all that… 3 had the most “fun” stuff to do after the story was over. We could go back and play with modifiers and have fun insta-gibbing all grubs in our path, horde was fun plus the modifiers made for a lot of great replayability, pvp had the best playlists and events, we had beast which added even more stuff to do… not to mention the Great War journal, ribbons, medals, etc… it was the best game that took everything that came before and built on it.

Epic decided to make a truly fun and great gears game, and I can honestly say from my point of view (along with all my friends who played every gears game with me) that 3 was the BEST gears game, nothing before or since was on its level.

I respect the fact that you say 2 was the best, but I remember how it was a chore to play before TU6. Yes 2 had great maps, dlc and it was fun, but 3 refined everything we had before it and made it the best… even 3 was built off of 2, so it’s no surprise ppl say 2 was great, but by the time 3 was in our hands, it did everything right (I even loved getting team killed with my buddies by the beta-sawed off… that thing was BFG-9000 level good and I laughed every time I was taken out by it cause it was glorious!). 3 was balanced after a while, but it still felt great, unlike how TC seem to ruin things every time they release an update.

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Right. But Gears 3 also caused Epic to sell the franchise. In making a game that was packed full of the features you mentioned, the budget was incredibly high. They estimated that making Gears 4 might destroy their studio so they sold Gears to Microsoft. Microsoft assigned it to The Coalition, which was a much smaller studio than Epic. I think this is the reason 4 and 5 appear scaled back compared to 3.

No no no…this is copy righted by @ll_R_E_D_l and he gave me permission to use it. You will be hearing from his lawyer

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I suppose after looking at it again, after your reply, and seriously considering the aforementioned game’s success and impact on gaming as a whole I can safely and once again say no. That’s a matter of opinion and there are bigger games in the past that have shaped a game style that’s heavily inspired numerous games today.

Don’t forget about judgment. Even tho epic estimated the costs would continue to rise, they got PCF to make another gears game for considerably less than expected, using old assets, maps and content that never made it into gears 3 (most of the PvP maps were scrapped gears 3 maps).

Yes, they ultimately sold the franchise due to rising costs, but that was because they didn’t think they’d see a profit on each new games cost vs return, whereas MS has a much larger budget and can put more money into the franchise, so the cost of each game has still gone up (gears 4 was the most expensive one to date after MS bought the rights). Just because MS tapped TC to develop gears didn’t mean they had to cut back on features. They had all the assets in place from 3 that they could’ve transferred to 4, but actively decided to cut features (thanks Rod F) to have that minimalist feeling that was present in gow1. To me, it just felt bland cause we had already experienced a bunch of stuff over the course of 1-3 and judgment, so TC leaving out fun modes like beast, overrun, FFA, etc just felt like a step backwards, and it’s never felt the same since.

Anyway, the reason costs kept going up was due to inflated costs… more devs, artists, writers, engineers, servers, etc… basically, the studio kept growing and epic didn’t think they’d be able to keep growing and making a profit, so they abandoned ship. Yes, I think they had to end it due to costs (they would’ve found inventive ways like contract other devs to handle the load, like PCF, and that would’ve made the franchise fall apart due to poor quality and all that stuff), but MS had and still has the budget to have made a gears game with all the features/modes from 3 and judgment combined in one game plus new content and they’d still have made money. Rod F and his team actively chose to strip the franchise down to nothing to resemble gears 1… it’s even why we lost 4 player co-op, in an attempt to recapture the feeling of gears 1, but to me, it was a fail the moment they put Rod in charge at TC. He always clashed with Cliffy and if he got his way back in the day, I doubt we’d be talking on a gears forum today.

Just an obligatory PCF made jears campaign, the abysmal multiplayer was 100% epic.