The Truth behind Gears 5 (Read this)


Gears 5 is the best out of all of them.

Now, tunings are far from perfect & it definitely needs faster movement, and, of course, way more content,

But from Gameplay wise, it’s definitely the best,

My opinion of course but I genuinely believe that.

  • God Gears
  • Gears 2

Pick one.

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You were doing so well, until that sentence. Removing that sentence alone makes that an excellent post.


Gears of War 2 was atrocious, bro. The game’s launch was so botched people quit outright, went back to Gears of War 1 and never looked back. Even after six updates, the game was slow, clunky, laggy, and had the worst Gnasher to date, also known infamously as the TU6 shotgun.
In the eyes of a lot of fans, GOW2 was a huge step down from what EPIC had done with the first game. I’m also in that boat. It was no bueno.

So can we stop pretending like Gears of War 2 was something that it clearly wasn’t, just because Gears 5 was a letdown?


Yep… my thoughts exactly!

Maybe in an alternate reality, gears never went downhill and halo stayed great. Ah well…

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We all know what game the OP is talking about and to be fair it has earned the right to be called that.

Just because something is popular doesnt make it the best especially when it comes to opinions

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I am not saying its the best game ever as I do not think that is actually possible for any one game to be the best game ever but the game that shall not be mentioned has earned its place on that list for a multitude of reasons.

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Im sorry it was geared towards you just a general statement

Billions of dollars of revenue is my point - and the game is similar to gears of war minus the building. It feels like a reskin targeted to the newer generation. They implemented gears mechanics to a larger audience and it worked.

Just because its 3rd person doesnt make it like Gears. Its nothing at all like Gears. Theres no 3rd person shooter out that comes close to Gears

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Gears 1, 2, 3 are community known to be good games - even 4 if you ask enough people. But who runs around claiming gears 5 to be good?

That’s not what you said in the OP. I’m replying to the OP, not your edited/added/clarified statements.

Theres plenty of people that think that its good or at least theres good things about it. Not all players are on here or social media. Some people just play the game and thats it

I think theres so much potential in this game if TC can just stop messing with the weapons every update and focus more on hit detection than weapon tuning

You’re missing the point. I’m not talking about opinions. It was made by epic, has 3rd person, heavy shotgun gameplay and ars, Its 100% a reskin.

No its not. If it was a 100% reskin it would have the same movement, weapons, character models , cover system ect it doesnt. Its no where near what Gears is man if it was more of us would be playing it instead of bashing it


RIght - my point is Gears 5 tried to emulate fortnite and you cant copy something and make it better than the original gimmick. In this case fortnite being the original gimmick. Gears was never gimmicky until now.

Fortnite would have crashed and burned if it didn’t copy PUBG. You should go to the Epic games forum and tell them to stop being gimmicky.


Maybe darker, but dark =/= not colorful. It can be dark and still have lots of color without being just a bland wash of grey and blue.

Gears is a franchise about Space Marines who fight lizards from underground with space-lasers. It’s two steps away from being DOOM or Warhammer.

I’ll say that Gears 4 is the fastest game in my opinion, and my favorite. I don’t see how fast is automatically a bad thing? I wish they could have a way to keep the faster gameplay and the older slow gameplay too. Like a Gears MCC that was reguarly supported.

True, but to give them credit, besides some of the writing and the redemption arc, I’ve found myself quite fond of JD. Not Kait or Del but JD is good I think. And no–no more Gridlock.

Correct. 14.

Firstly, Xbox passed the torch to TC, not EPIC. And secondly—I’ve said this a hundred times but EPIC in 2011 is not the same as EPIC in 2020. I have no idea why it warrants a “credible” comparison.

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