The Truth behind Gears 5 (Read this)

The truth is, the game we know and love has been changed to suit those casual players who were and always will be passer by’s.

The truth is, “Gears of war” is a niche community and always should be, those who cant appreciate it for what it should be, shouldnt be gimmicked into playing it. The reason that it ever picked up as much steam as it did and became such a notable Microsoft exclusive is because gears fans, were some of the most dedicated, ultra fans possible.

Now, Coalition has turned against the niche audience that this game has always catered to. It tried to grow inorganically to please the audiences of other franchisees. The people who frankly don’t even care about the franchise. Its utterly disgusting to see how each installment of this franchise has strayed further and further from what made this game special.

Call of duty can release the same game every year, Fifa, 2K can release the same game every year with a different menu and loading screen and people buy it every year. Why? Because don’t fix a wheel that rolls down the hill.

WE want gears to be Dark, not colorful. We want gears to be realistic, not cartoony. We want gears to be slow paced, not fortnite or call of duty. WE liked the original cast of characters. WE liked the original maps. The gears community is not 10 years old. The community has a ton of older individuals - THIS IS AN M Rated GAME. Stop marketing this game to people who dont care and betraying the people who actually care.

How do you change fundamental things about the game and just ignore your core audience and expect to continue to profit off of the community. I was a die hard fan myself, I’m level 60 no re-up on this game because it just sucks. period.

Also. Epic games went on to produce one of the best games the world has ever seen and passed the torch to Coalition. The predecessor of fortnite is gears of war. Don’t try to emulate something that came after.





Even with those developers releasing a game every year there are new features added to the game and they are also available for multiple platforms so that helps them big time

Ive said it numerous times the problem with Gears is it cant survive on the little niche community alone. Also any changes to bring new players are usually hated by said community. The only thing I dont want this franchise to do is dumb down just to bring new players in

Also when you post say I not We because WE dont agree with everything you say. Speak for yourself



Best the world has ever seen is such a claim, that Gears doesn’t really fit that as of now / yet / if ever.

I think as an original Xbox game, Gears 1 did do a lot for those fans, and so did 2 & 3.

But the impact has definitely dampened from 4 & 5 due to quality issues.

Only the PvP is niche, gears games regularly get good reviews and sales due to their campaigns, and whenever a game gets a survivor mode with waves of enemies, people refer to it as a “hord like mode”. Gears made hord modes popular enough that other games tried to emulate it.

My main point is that gears of war is a AAA franchise and that PvP needs a boost to remain relevant after most players finish the campaign. Unfortunately that means the alienating hardcore gnasher, wall bouncers need to be nerfed. Dispute what a lot of others say on these forums theres plenty of room for skill growth, and gears is still unique without fast wall bouncing and OP shotguns.


A lot of great points. 1 thing that I hate is that each game gets faster from movement to dying.


I don’t wanna sound like “that guy” who has to correct everyone… but in this instance, I gotta say this specific thing (but there’s a purpose)… it was the 360, not OG Xbox game. I only say that because as we all know, gears 1 defined that console (and that generation). With that being said…

The fact that Epic was so passionate, they convinced MS to double the the RAM of the 360 to have gears 1 look and play as well as it did. Gears defined the 360, and vice versa. It’s just sad that a lot of the fans have gotten fed up with the way TC has handled this game. From a game director who joins franchises, tanks them, then moves on (Rod f) to Ryan C who had balancing so screwed up in these games that no one will ever likely be happy with gears games again. It’s just a sad time to see such a great looking gears game, with horrible direction and implementation.

Anyway… sorry, wasn’t tryin to be a d-bag with the correction. In this instance, I had to say it was the 360 cause it defined that console and that generation. I don’t like to sound like the grammar police or any of that bs, so I apologize for doin it to ya.

I know it was an 360 game,

That’s what I said,

As an original Xbox game.

It’s something the PS3 just didn’t have and being an exclusive on the 360, along with Halo, helped define that generation for Microsoft. Plus Forza to an extent as well - maybe add Fable to that.

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I gotcha. The only reason I mentioned the distinction was because I refer to the original Xbox as the halo system and the 360 as the gears system. Meant no disrespect by clarifying.

Anyway, I know you knew the difference between those consoles. I was just tryin to say how much more important gears has been to the 360 than most ppl realize… it was to add to what you were originally saying and to point out to ppl outside our convo who really didn’t know what epic and gears did for a whole console generation.

Ya know, all games these days feel the need to have faster and faster time to kill numbers. It gets really irritating that COD defined a generation of quick kills. I know a big complaint in gears 2 was how slow it was, but sometimes, that slow clunky feeling gives a battle more weight. I miss the days of things slowing down…

Yeah, that was the main aspect,

Halo was to Xbox,

What Gears was to 360,

Really important both times.

Idk if Xbox One had that because it sold well but far below the PS4 and 360.

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Sadly, I can’t think of any Xbox one titles that properly fit.

They said halo 5 and gears 4 was gonna be the XB1 equivalents, but we know they didn’t carry the systems like old times.

I keep thinking that I the younger me wishes someone would snap their fingers and have gears 5 be great (and not in a few years after all the operations added more content), but it seems gears and halo have run their courses.

All we can do is hope that halo infinite is finally the halo we’ve been waiting for and turns out to define the series x console. Sadly, I don’t have faith that gears 6 will be much different or whatever on that console either. :frowning:

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You had me until this quote above.
The only realistic things in Gears are shots coming from the barrel and the emotional turmoil in the stories. Gears 4 and 5 are still absolutely Gears games despite their problems (Gears 4’s levity and Gears 5’s plot hole with JD’s character arc).
The “real world” is not greyscale, bloom effects, camera shakes and god awful motion blur.

As for this one…

So…kinda what Gears 5 is now? It feels pretty close to Gears 2 in terms of overall speed but the bouncing is akin to 4.

Halo 5 was a huge, huge letdown.

Gears 4 had glimmers of hope but 5 kinda ended that hope.

Both games were at the core good Gears games IMO but just lacked that “blockbuster” appeal.

Both games felt a little rushed & anti consumer practices in both.

5 right now is severely lacking features & content.

Even small things like only having one loadout which is a backwards step from 4 having Cog, Swarm, Horde!

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EPIC 1,2,3> TC 4,5, PCF judgement. They tried their own gimmicks…but at least PCF made it dark still. Honestly I wish PCF took over then TC. At least they understood the concept…well except that god awful loot system. Ill give TC gears 4 credit on what they tried to do which is STILL HANDS DOWN better then gears wack re tarded loot system

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I was boutta say, people love the campaigns.

5 got a lot of reviews and discussions on it’s story and around that choice. Around the time it dropped.

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Funny how you say Gears 5 is made for “casuals”, and “those who cant appreciate it for what it should be, shouldnt be gimmicked into playing it”, then go on to say Fortnite is “one of the best games the world has ever seen”.

As far as I’m concerned Fortnite is chock full of gimmicks and made for young casuals. And though it’s one of the biggest selling games ever, it’s only because today’s young casuals are easily impressed with gimmicky gameplay.

You’ve clearly got it all backwards.


Dont u f compare a god gears like gears2 to gow5 ever gow5 is down there with judgment

Anyone who thinks this game is casual is out of their minds.

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What, haven’t you heard? If you’re not a Gnasher tryhard you’re casual in Gears! It’s such an obvious and general truth that it is just baffling to think anyone would think otherwise!

Don’t miss the obvious non-seriousness.