The Truth Behind Gears 5 Killcam (Side by Side Video)

There are WAY too many people uploading dumb deaths from kill-cam and then proceeding to whine about magnetism, hit-boxes, “This game is garbage” etc. on the forums and reddit. Gets super old.

This test was done on two gaming PCs on the same network and there is still a lot of deviation from the two clips.

This game’s in its infancy and has plenty of issues that should be addressed, but please, if you can’t be bothered to do a basic test, (Such as you and your buddy recording the kill and death on your consoles and comparing) then please refrain from flooding places with speculation and garbage.


Thanks for this

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Wow, this is what people says its AAA game, no problems, Amazing game

Kill cam appears to be replaying client-side game world, which makes it worthless.


Astonishingly Rushed
Amazingly Unbalanced
Astronomically Priced

This is what AAA means. Duh.


I am failing to see the correlation between killcam and bullet magnetism…
The kill cam highlights latency in the game (getting you head popped after dipping back into cover), where as the bullet magnetism is seen in real time.

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I was simply tired of coming across numerous threads / posts of people linking a suspect kill-cam followed by “Explain this one!” where less educated seemed to be confusing latency with magnetism.

It’s a shame because obviously the devs added this to probably remove some user’s suspicions or resolve confusion, but it seems to be having the reverse affect. It just provides another layer for people to pick apart and find issue with.

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Excellent video. I wonder how much less whine there would be if TC just left kill cams out of the game entirely. The number of people who (a) have them turned on, and (b) actually understand how they work seems extremely small relative to the number of people who either have them turned off or don’t understand them and just use them for whine purposes.

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The kill cams are awful and really need to go. They are only making people more frustrated. The smoke grenades also don’t appear on kill cams which can make you look quite dumb lol

Why is this video even going round? :joy:

The Kill Cam shows the server’s view, which has been inaccurate since the Tech Test [Confirmed here]. Due to Gear’s fast gameplay, and the lag compensation, the Kill Cam doesn’t show what happens accurately, that’s the only thing your video demonstrates. Seen in the pictures below (tried my hardest to pause at the correct times):

By looking at the hit marker detection and the animations you can see how the perspectives line up. So if you put these pictures on top of each other the recticle for the Kill-Cam would line up on the T-800’s head in the killer’s perspective.

Just to further explain. In this picture you have fired the shot and your reticle is over their head, but there is no hitmarker yet.

Also, this video is demonstrated with a Longshot, a precision weapon where aim-assist is even more prominent and the majority of the issues people see are with the Gnasher, so can this video even be taken seriously? Lol.

Furthermore, I personally ignore situations where there is a very small distance between the recticle and target. But now, take a clip like this [Video Link], where the enemy is still stunned while I am halfway through the roll animation, from both perspectives. I am also on his left side so the ‘gun triangle’ has no effect and the player himself only turns to follow my character after his shot is fired, not a consistent ‘sweeping’ movement like in the OP’s clip. It’s also a blindfire shot while I am next to him in both perspectives (pause if you need too) and he lands a full spread and gets the kill… in this situation I would have expected maybe half a spread due to lag compensation, but to get the kill… really?

Situations like these don’t even make me mad, they’re just shocking to see and the fact that people play it down to kill-cam latency is disturbing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the killer’s perspective to analyse, which would have been helpful. Maybe there is an issue between the hit detection/hitbox when rolling - who knows.

TC have definitely messed around with the aim-assist in Gears 5, it is blatantly obvious throughout Arcade and the easier difficulties. But you need a keen eye to catch it in Ranked gamemodes, other than Escalation and Execution where it doesn’t cause issues. You can only see it while you’re in control not on a kill-cam or a video, because no one can make the distiction between the aim assist and your movement with the controller.

Lastly, the majority of my issues are when me and another player are in close proximity, which leads me to believe that the Gnasher’s Up-Close aim-assist is what is creating issues. This is what Gears 4’s up-close aim-assist is:

If you are experiencing issues, were these instances in close proximity or not? It would be interesting to find out from others.

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…Zimaknights, I don’t understand the entirety of your comment… You seem to be echoing what I’m already showing in the video?.. I was very tired of noobs posting kill-cam deaths and saying things like “Look at that, his cross-hair wasn’t even on me!” and then proceeding to blame magnetism when it was well outside that mechanic’s scope. So I made a vid showing a 100% perfect hit can show as a miss on the kill-cam’s view…

Yes… that’s all I wanted it to demonstrate… As the text at the end shows… What did you think I was attempting to demonstrate?

…Yes?..Does the gnash have anti kill-cam code or something?.., If a kill-cam shows a perfect hit as a blatant miss in the kill-cam, then the exact same thing can happen to any other weapon. Again, I’m not even seeing the point of your comment.

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why are people taking the kill cam so seriously in the first place?

is this the first game they’ve ever played that has this feature?

We (or at least I) already knew this was the case behind “inaccurate kill cams” but I don’t think this is what people refer to when they speak about bullet magnetism lol.

Regardless of this situation, the game still is garbage in the combat/movement sense. There still are tons of similar bugs where you can damage/kill someone by completely missing, as well as really bad sponge shots. So yeah, still is garbage

The reason for my comment is because you are trying to pass off the aim-assist issue that people are experiencing as 'just a ‘Kill-Cam issue’. Yes, while there might be a bunch of people that aren’t aware the kill-cam is affected by latency, it does not definitively prove that there are no further issues - like I expressed in the clip in my previous post.

FYI - people referring to bullet magnetism, were experiencing the ‘gun triangle’ that TC did a video on, and it’s created due to the player camera and the gun camera. It primarily affects the Lancer because it does not switch the shot trajectory while Aiming Down Sights (ADS). It has absolutely nothing to do with a kill-cam, which is what you are claiming in your video lol.

You obviously aren’t aware that the Gnasher has completely different coding and mechanics to any other weapons, such as ‘Close-Up auto-aim’ (seen in the video in my previous post), Shot Trajectory Switching between the gun and the centre camera while ADS (I can provide a video for you if you want to educate yourself?) and tracking pellet spread - especially while Up-Aing around covers. The Gnasher has a very unique and intricate design that you don’t seem to be aware of, which is why I have an issue with you claiming your video is the “be all and end all” to everyone’s issues.

See the point of my comment now?

No, absolutely not. I never said that, and the text at the end of the video straight says “Yes, bullet magnetism does exist” meaning that is an issue, but the point of the vid is that you can’t know with certainty if you died to accuracy or bullet magnetism based solely off of a kill-cam

I actually did know that, as a matter of fact. I’ve seen that vid where the dev breaks down to the pros how the game works in an effort to minimize complaining… that has nothing to do with a kill-cam being inaccurate. If the game incorrectly shows my coordinates with a sniper, then it will do that with all weapons. That was the point of the vid.

I never tried to tackle the intricacies of magnetism, aim assist, etc… The only reason this vid exists is for the noobs that put 100% of their trust in the kill-cam. That’s it.

The thumbnail of the vid says “The truth, Gears Kill-Cam”
The description below it says “There are WAY too many people uploading dumb deaths from kill-cam and then proceeding to whine about magnetism, hit-boxes, “This game is garbage” etc.”
The end of the video states "Magnetism exists… But for the love of God stop whining about your killcam deaths. They aren’t accurate"

The point is kill-cam… and the only reason magnetism came up is because a noob would perceive the kill-cam in the example as magnetism. That’s all. Didn’t look into pushing the magnetism debate one way or the other with this. Not sure why you think I even attempted to do so because there was literally 0 tests pertaining to magnetism here… You’re acting as though I pushed this as something that answers magnetism questions and concerns, and again, I don’t know where you’re getting this from.

My mistake I overlooked the disclaimer at the end.

But your video (atleast to me) comes off as little toxic in it’s own right and you could have made it more objective, especially because of the way it gets shared around. Where people are posting it whenever someone posts a clip, like a bunch of hungry jehovah’s witnesses trying to shove their beliefs down your throat, without even fully analysing or understanding what’s in their video - which is where my frustration has come from.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this:

Basically, a bug was found where the campaign Gnasher’s tuning was active in MP and from my understanding of the tweet thread, the issue pertains to aim-assist when he says “sticking to people easier”.

So just to reiterate to this thread. There are legit grievances being found due to people’s feedback. So take more time to analyse what’s happening in their clips, before posting this video at them and making out like they’re just whinging.

If someone posts a clip of a kill-cam, there is nothing to analyze. You don’t know where they’re truly aiming on their screen, and you have to throw it out. That’s it… They could’ve been perfectly on you, or they could’ve been off resulting in a magnetism death. Regardless, death-cams can’t be analyzed so there’s no point in getting upset over them.