The true origin of the swarm theory

I think the swarm didn’t just evolve from the locust but from the lambent as well after the imulsion countermeasure weapon at the end of gears 3 I think it didn’t really kill all the locust and lambent but actually merge them together becoming as one the swarm here’s my theory that supports this Why do you think the swarm were able to control deebees It because the imulsion running there blood and first of all the swarm even glow just like the lambent

My theory is that Niles actually merged his computer consciousness into the swarm, which is why they can hack deebees

Kind of like the Matrix which has The Oracle (“mother” of The Matrix) and The Architect (“father” of The Matrix).

So Niles would be the father and Myrrah/Reyna would be the mother.

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I love the idea that once the new Swarm leader dies, Niles AI the third actually takes over the swarm after leeches try to hack into his systems. It could be that Claptrap Niles uploaded himself/had backups.


Ultron style

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The imulsion was destroyed at the end of 3… Jesus Christ


Not all of it dude have you played gears 5 ?

I have, Do you?