The True Fate of Gary Carmine


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Did you know that Ben’s Helmet was in the first game? When your underground if you search around there is this little place with a figure that looks just like Ben. Maybe the events of Gears 2 were before GoW1? But even then, he was in the Worms mouth so that doesn’t make any sense on how he would be down there.

nope, gears 2 is like 6 months after gears 1 I think, but its after gears 1 for sure.


This also isn’t in UE, only in the 2006 version.

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I think D will be a Dik

Not too shabby, but here’s my take on Gary’s past and fate:

Gary is obviously a cousin, but he sounds far too young to be anything more than a very young child by the end of it. He was probably the son of a son of Clay’s dad’s brothers, and either worked for Carmine Construction Co or Carmine Life Insurance, or was an heir to the company CEO, but got sick of COG lifestyle and seeked independence, so he ran away and had Oscar teach him to fight like a Gear.

Gary was knocked out by the DB pod but was still abducted by the Swarm, but by utilizing Oscar’s training he managed to free himself. He made his way back to COG society, desperate for his family’s affection and approval, but Clay and Lizzie still made him sit alone at lunch.

Gears 5 then starts, but everything after chapter one act one was a stupid Kait vision. She immediately tries to go AWOL but is caught, sentenced to death for desertion, then is executed by a firing squad consisting of Marcus, JD, and Del, who were only pretending to be her friend out of pity. JD, Del, Lizzie, and Fahz are sent to evacuate Settlement 2 while Marcus, Clay, Dizzy, and the rest of OG Delta launch an attack on Nexus 2.0. Gary, wanting to prove himself to Clay, sneaks on board a transport to fight with Clay.

Lizzie and Co (let’s face it she’s the only new character that matters) manage to round up the civilians, but are cut off and surrounded by swarm. Despite Lizzie running over thpusands of snatchers, they just keep coming, and her truck craps out. Their only hope lies in Delta destroying the main hive.

After a bloody, bitter, brutal, and visually stunning battle, we see a lone figure standing on top of a mountain of dead swarm with the destroyed hive in the background. The smoke clears to reveal Gary holding the severed head of Queen Reyna, triumphant. Gary is then crowned the King of Sera, and Clay and Lizzie finally let him sit with them at the lunch table.

The end

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