The True Fate of Gary Carmine

G+L = Gary + Lizzy.

brb, gonna get my tinfoil-hat real quick.


Get the Tin-foil hat that makes you think. I´m actually making a forum about this.

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I sigh in grenade launcher.
Unless it’s grenadine and lemonade…
Or Glob and Lemongrab.
The plot thickens.

They ded, deal with it

Or Good Lollipops.

They´re in a better place now. A place where they can finally use the GL in Lancer GL.

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It was over in seconds. Ben suffered the most being digested alive… and still lingering. 100% Ben had it the worst.


gary carmine is 40 years old?
He is probably clayton son or niece not cousin

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Clayton probably didnt have kids that we know of, Gary is definitely the son of D Carmine, and the brother of Elizabeth Carmine all because of Lizzie calling Clayton “Uncle Clay”, in that case, the dad is most likely the 4th brother that Benjamin mentions in 2. it would be weird of TC to make the papa of Lizzie and Gary some random carmine, D makes sense the most.

Im not sure why Gary specifically looks up to Clayton as you would expect Gary to look up to his old man instead but here we are with that. and that brings a number of theories to mind

  1. What could the relationship with D. and C. Carmine be? is it similar to how Gary is a black sheep in the carmine family and D followes suit and lives as an outsider and Clay doesnt get along with him?
  2. What was D and Garys relationship, and what was Lizzies and Ds relationship?
    In dialogue we hear from the carmines talking with each other, Gary hates Anthony but loves Ben, Lizzie, and
    Clay, Clay hates Gary, and Anthony does too, Ben is a nice guy so he doesnt hate him but isnt wild about him. So I wonder how Gary would react to his own dad, resentful? Clayton crazy? or just meh.

My question is why does Gary hate Anthony? and my answer is maybe Gary is a “woke boi” and thinks serving for the cog is stupid, after all he lost family who served and Anthony was glorified for his stupid action of standing up from cover in a firefight (yes the firefight was over when he died, but you should still be aware of enemies lurking around). so he could hate Anthony for serving in an army who gets their men and women killed,

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OOPS, I was thinking of the wrong person sorry. I haven’t play some of the original games in a while.

its all good :slight_smile:

I was thinking of Anthony. Haha. :sweat_smile:

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D. Carmine was probably an alcoholic and always at the strip club?

Maybe Clay took all the ladies, who knows

I would say that D could be in the military (I hope hes NCOG or Onyx) so maybe thats why he doesnt like his dad but then again, Clay was in the military and served for a long time (7 years I think) and was active in the new cogs military as well as a drill sergeant.

I guess Clay is just that smooth.

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D needs to wear this helmet, it would set him apart as a brother since all the brothers wear different helmets.
and its an OG helmet too
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I’d like that


Maybe he can be the only one who’s apart from the rest and customized his armor ^

I would say thats dope but it might align more as a “Clayton copy” I think him being NCOG would be neat because the armor itself is unique compared to common cog uniforms.

Onyx is a bit of a stretch though, I dont think he should be more of a BAMF then Clayton but him being NCOG could be nice because that alone would set him apart. maybe hes more serious then the other carmines. because the carmines are all pretty goofy in their own right,
they have to make him unique and I think him being NCOG would be the way to go, or if theres any other special cog forces besides NCOG and Onyx that you know of.

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Tbh I’d fully support this. Sure we’ll still care about but just in a different way. Would be nice to see a change in character too, like a soldier who does the “right” thing his own way or doesn’t believe in the idea that COG/NCOG should act a certain way
Like Black Adam in a way, an Anti-Hero

and Micheal Gough can voice him too! hes the guy who voiced A, B, and C :slight_smile:

I wouldnt want him to be “Kim” level of by the books either, but carmine killing crazy with a gears 3 onyx guard mentality.