The True Fate of Gary Carmine

Gary Carmine was the cousin of all Carmine Brothers. It seemed the brothers hated Gary, not just because he was their cousin. It was because he went outsider and abandoned the COG. The Carmine Family was always loyal to the COG.

When he went outsider during the Locust War to follow Gabe Diaz, his cousins despised him especially Anthony. He proved to Gabe, Reyna and Oscar that he was a valuable member to the village. With that badass Carmine DNA in him, he protected the village from Deebee Shepards. Until, JD, Del, and Kait bring the COG fabricator to the village. First Prime Minister Jinn has suspected that Outsiders are kidnapping soldiers and civilians in COG settlements. She sends armed Deebee forces to the village.

Gary Carmine destroys Kestrels with the heavy turret, then a condor drops a Deebee pod right on top of him. Players suspect Gary is dead because he doesn’t get any more screen time.

We may have not see Gary after this. Was this actually Gary’s death? To a Deebee drop pod? No, we actually do get to see Gary again…

After JD and them get off the burning mining elevator, they must enter the Hive to save Marcus. It seems like this was also the Hive that Kait’s village was being podded because Marcus could feel them. JD opens a door to see a room full of dead Juvies and one dead guy. To be honest, this room, scene and dialogue is unnecessary to the casual player, but it seems like the writers are telling us something. This dead guy is actually Gary. He has the same outfit except, he doesn’t have his signature mask/hat on. JD and them comment how this guy was a badass. They don’t recognize Gary because no one has ever seen Gary without his mask.

It seems like he survived from the pod collision, got snatched by the Snacher, and with his Carmine DNA grit, managed to cut out of the pod (Gears 5 Escape Style). He doesnt have his mask, maybe because he had to take it off during checkup with the headache. He fought through hordes of these unknown enemies. Gary Carmine fought to the end, trying to save his village. This was his real family, people that looked up to him not like Anthony, Ben, or Clayton.

Thank you for reading.


Screenshot about the dead body!? Or a short video!?

Sorry for the wait. I have to timeframe on the video

Ummm… stop me if I’m wrong, but not only is that not a short video, the time stamp doesn’t show anything Gary Carmine related.

You mean the one next to the Gnasher!? Because yeah… maybe he is Gary! :frowning_with_open_mouth:

4:02:13 is the one where we possibly see the unmasked dead Gary… See my prev post.

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I never saw a Grub Killer marking on the back of the shirt… so why should we assume that’s not just any Outsider who stumbled into the mine looking for salvage and got attacked by Swarm? Collectibles indicate there was Outsiders going into these for weapons and other supplies.


Why can’t Gary get a heroic death!? :pleading_face:
So maybe that dead(?) guy was Gary! :pleading_face:
Gary, you were our hero and savior! :pleading_face:

Yea, but he doesn’t have the Clayton Carmine helmet tattoo on his arm. Hate to say it, but Gary’s still sitting on that farm underneath a deebee drop pod. Sad days :cry:

@Yukai_Ervan @MikelTheLastOne @NeckPUNCHattack
Thats not Gary, the Cog strap isn on him. Yes it could´ve fell off him, but still. Also, where is his mask? You don see it on the table or anything! Maybe its back at the farm, but that isn´t Gary. Maybe.

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Maybe both Gary and Lizzie have got a secret peaceful lifes. :innocent:

I wanna say something, Lizzy had a way more painful death. Maybe G + L? They maybe have a secret. XD.

Maybe the GL from the Lancer GL is Gary and Lizzie! :grin:

Time to make a forum! :smiley:

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Well… after I post a draft to help some others.

Nah, Gary missed a reload while crossing the street. This distracted him so hard that he walked straight into a truck driven by Lizzie.

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Why is it so hard for everyone to accept that Lizzie and Gary died? Do you really need a smashed/charred corpse rubbed into your face to accept that they’re dead?


Some people thinks the female Raven driver who died in the DLC was Lizzie or sounds like her. So she maybe died twice in Campaigns.

Now that’s just stupid.


Or maybe she was the sister of Lizzie! :grin: