The trap escape leaderboard score still bugged!

I’ve been playing escape since the release and have known the leaderboards had been bugged for a long time even when they were on “past hives” sometimes my scores didnt register. Now they’ve implemented daily hives so I was like great clearly the score system has been fixed!

So far the only escape level that wont register my score on the leaderboard is the trap. All the others work fine (so far) I’ve mastered it multiple times whilst it’s been a daily challenge and the game still tells me my score is top 11%???

I completed it once with this time with 2 other players, me being the host and only one guy (deviltrigger) no8, from our game got on the leaderboard for it?? Wtf XD

So basically I got mugged off out of the top 10 spot because the game is bugged?

Is anyone else experiencing this or am I just in the vast minority?