The totem system is anti consumer

So letting us earn the characters through gameplay is awesome…but the totem system is garbage, why is it that you can only earn one character at a time? Espeacially when each character is pretty grind heavy to unlock…its because they are trying to get people to spend real money to just unlock them right away. There is no way you can deny it, making people grind one character at a time is very anti consumer and shady greedy bull crap.


You’re about a week behind with this post.


Yeah well it ticks me off lol.

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The GOW community has the biggest victimhood complex I’ve ever seen.


Lol when I read something like the totem system being “anti consumer”, I can’t help but to agree with you.


It’s a ploy to have Gears 5 look good to MS by showing a lot of people are playing. Doing the challenges a few times will make the population more populated than less people playing.


The Totem system isn’t anti-consumer, IMO. It literally gave free way of earning content than spending real money Iron. If it was exclusively Iron-only purchase, then yes. It would be anti-consumer as in not favourable for me.


Part of the problem is “grinding” them. Just turn it on and play. It will pop itself soon enough.

Do people really expect to get every skin in the game for free, instantly? We are finally getting back to free character and skin options. No RNG. What the hell do you guys want because it just seems like straight up trolling with baits to rally the troops to negative threads and posts. ■■■■■ ridiculous.


Could it use some adjustment? Yes. Is it a big deal? No not really. I got the Warden in a few days. It wasn’t too bad.

As long as there is an alternative to spending real money, then I’m fine with it. Also there’s no expiration.


This made me laugh. Thank you. 100% correct.
Not saying that Gears 5 is perfect (its a pretty big downgrade from 4 imo) but some of these complaints…goodness


You, sir, have not visited the Smash Bros. community or the Bioware community.

I’d definitely say those are far worse in terms of perceived victimhood. Besides, the current totem system is pretty repetitive and dumb. Can definitely be better.

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I don’t know man I did these totem on 3 accounts already pretty easy to do if you ask me. Lol


It doesn’t take that long tbh. Not like they rolling out characters left n right. Gives u sumthin to work towards

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Its not that bad just play the game.

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Maybe if it was just for versus challenges it’d be ok. But forcing a player to play Escape 18 times and 50 waves of Horde is dumb


Escape has a super quick speedrun method. Takes about 5 minutes. Only need to do 9 runs.
Horde is just as easy, inly play first twenty two times and then another ten.

Really not the big deal people make it out to be.

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Just by saying that i can tell you are oblivious. It is very anti-consumer.
Do you think they just threw together a way to earn them? No, they designed the totems and challenges in a way that would steer you towards buying. They are designed to bore us, because there is nothing fun or convenient about the way you unlock the characters.


Please, tell us what your totem criteria would be.

First off NOT have a totem. Why do we need that 100 scrap to buy the totem in the first place? It just feels weird.
Then delete all the challenges except 1 challenge. In gow 3 we only had to do 1 specific thing/one thing to grind to get a character.
Why do we need 5 or 6 grindy challenges all of a sudden? I know why!

And why cant we unlock several characters at once? For convenience? Nope, you have to do the “totems” 4 times because then you will feel exhausted and bored which is good for the in-game store.

You ask me what i would want my totems to be like. Well, why do we need a totem system? And besides, those characters should have been there on day 1. It is disgusting