The Thrashball pack RNG

I opened 66 packs and on the 65 th pack I got trashball drone. After that I was done

My case : 180 000 credits spend the first time and no Cole. Now the pack is back, i have unlocked him in the second or third pack. Amazing RNG

I remember the superstar Cole packs was likt this one they’ll give you a 400cr pack but it was so frickn hard to get a single superstar Cole.

40 packs :astonished: oh man hopefully they become craftable soon

I got the thrashball drone on my first pack, and thrashball cole in less than 10 packs

Guys I don’t want to rub it in but I just got 5 more packs, purely for scrap on the blues. Anyway first pack was Locust, second was Cole. I recorded it and put on my feed for posterity!

I already got them yesterday, quickly although not as quick as that.

Just so you do not think I am gloating I spent a combined credit token of near 200’000 trying and failing to get RAAM and QM.

I got them the next time round though.

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