The Thrashball pack RNG

TC this is coming from somebody that absolutely loves Thrashball Cole, please fix the drop rate. I’ve opened 40 plus packs, and haven’t seen a glimpse of Cole.

Am I alone here? Or are other’s feeling this awful RNG?

Its funny how the tables have turned. Got the Omen in one try and now you can’t find cole lol. Joking aside I have stayed away from this pack because the drop rate was the worst and I remember the last time it was a a fairly high number of packs and no cole or locust.


The RNG on those Omen skins are pretty vicious as well. I cannot seem to get the Midnight Omen Snub, played for 4hrs and never got it.

100 packs man…I opened 100 f****** packs and no cole


My god you poor soul, now I feel bad about complaining about 40 packs. You opened 100 and didn’t get it holy ****, that’s some bad RNG. I feel for you man.

Out of 100 I got 3 of the locust you would think out of 100 packs you would get more than 3 legendary cards

100? awh man that is rough. Might buy a few packs before they go just for scrap but the RNG on this pack is just rediculous. It took way too many credits and way too many horde runs to even get cole and the locust but TC surely accomplished their mission to keep me playing.

I got him in about 8 packs :slight_smile:

The RNG has been good to me lately. Maybe it’s feeling bad for giving me such a painful time during the games lifespan so far…

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Managed to get 2 x locust and 1 Cole in 12 packs. Very happy with that. Last time I used 20’000 credits and got neither. The system is just unreal!

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The two worst packs to me were Thrashball & Spectral. I did end up getting TB Cole last time, but Thrashball Drone is a no show for me yet again.

As far as Spectral, that dang Gnasher wasn’t included in my RNG (kidding) but it sure seemed like it.

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Guess the table has turned for me as well. 4 midnight omens in only 4 drops and I’ve spent for 25+ packs of thrashball and haven’t gotten any characters yet. I’ll just keep trying for as long as they’re up.

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Think the first time it dropped I opened 50 and only got one thrashball drone

Bought 15, literally straight weapon skins

Not even attempting anymore I need credits for Srak lol

I got the thrashball drone on first pack lost count of how many more i bought. But still no cole.

115 packs open and only 2 cards legend, and “NO COLE THRASHBALL” PLEASE REVIEW THE PACK PLEASE TC

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I can wait till he’s craftable. Finally got Skorge so…

124 to get everything

No garantee

I understand theres no guarantee but you should get everything with 100 packs.

I got cole on my 35th pack

i opened around 10 packs still no characters :frowning: