The thing I hate about escalation/king of the hill

We don’t know specifics about the system. We just know they factor in kills, deaths, caps, winning, and losing.

Ok. I’m not disagreeing. I just don’t think caps should be worth more than points.

That’s kind of what I think when I hear players complaining about not getting 300 points for standing in a circle…

You mean like this?

That’s from a game that I played today on my 2nd account, Otaku. The ranking system gives me terrible teammates. And same thing probably happened to the other people who are getting 100+ elims and losing.

So you like getting carried?

If anybody cares I just got swept in TDM as the unfavored team and went 7 and 5. I got -4 and -2 each round even though we had a guy quit almost immediately. Not related to KoTH just piling on this bad ranking system so I feel better…I’ll show myself out…

I like getting carried…
Would you… Like… carry me around?


That’s not a good performance in a TDM. Elims aren’t kills. So you might have actually gone negative.

Nah, you know what you’re doing. We can take turns carrying each other :wink:


Oh I pray you aren’t ever on my team…

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Carried?lol Nah, not at all but your screen cap proves my point perfectly :ok_hand:

Team with most combined caps won.

Team with most combined kills lost.

Btw The winning team had 2 players with the lowest scores from either team so an argument could be made that the winning team had the more ‘terrible’ teammates. But I digress…

I guess we just disagree on points distribution. My argument being that I know many players are obsessed with getting MVP and will go for kills over caps ie play off objective. Me, as a player (probably like yourself), will always aim for most kills AND caps. Doesn’t need to be an either/or.

It’s funny… cos a tactic I (and Im sure many of us do) is lead players away from the ring (once captured) into ‘side’ battles just to eat points. I’d literally shoot at players to get them to chase me across to the opposite side of the map and AWAY from the ring. Yh they might get the kill in the end but my team just took all points from that ring. Go figure :sunglasses:

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The joy of teammates who won’t/kill and camp around hills down to the last 5 seconds.
Love those games so much. The skill levels are insane

All it proves is that the matchmaking is terrible. When I play solo, I get randoms who don’t know what they’re doing. Only one of my teammates was competent. Look at the point difference. I was at the hill. I was slaying. My teammates were dying.

Elims aren’t only kills. Most of mine were kills and most of my teammates elims are from my kills. Hence the huge point differential.

They had 3 competent players. My team had 2. That extra competent player was the difference maker for them.

So what are we actually disagreeing on? The poor matchmaking or the points changes made to caps/breaks?

And I’ve been in your position plenty of times ( maybe with not as many kills, I give you that) but it usually always comes down to one player being decisive for either team, I’m sure it goes both ways…

…which is why quitters make me sick to my stomach ESPECIALLY in this game mode. 1 player quitting throws off the ENTIRE balance of the mode. Fkkaz :unamused:

I meant I had 7 kills and 5 deaths. Which I understand is not good under normal circumstances but it was 4 on 5. I just don’t understand how they get -4 and -2 which seems pretty arbitrary. If your team is shorthanded it doesn’t make sense to deduct points. Unless a player is sooo highly ranked they are expected to win in those situations which I assure you is not the case with me.

He sounds like the kind of teammate I would rage about for constantly dying and putting us at a 4v5 disadvantage just because he wants to get caps.

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Depends on who he was replying to

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He was replying to the other guy. Clown knows how to play.

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Good luck wining without any captures. Because I can guarantee you that your team can have 200 kills and zero captures your team will 100% lose

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I was speaking hypothetical but ok.
But after reading my post back and my bad english i understand why you think this.

I am talking about other players who think like this now and only going for power weapons and only for killing.

I also want to win games.
losing sucks

If you can’t get eliminations and play support and actually contribute to the team, you’re a ■■■■ KOTH player plain and simple.

You shouldn’t gather in the ring at all times like fish in a barrel. It’s the players with better positioning than a dude standing in a hill, who are actually defending the objective that are gonna get the points. (As it should be)

When you’re under attack, how hard is it to eliminate the other teams chance to take the objective in an OBJECTIVE based game mode? I think some of yall forget there’s a whole match goin on. I’d rather win than have a pocket of empty points for standing around picking my nose in the ring.

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Except you can’t win unless you actually capture rings. In KOTH the OBJECT is to get 180 “points” before the other teams. 1 million kills won’t buy you 1 point. Now in the case of KOTH that doesn’t mean standing in the ring forever once it’s captured since you can still get points with no one in the ring. In Arcade Blitz someone HAS to stand in the ring. Also I’m not afraid to break a ring even if that means dying. Lost plenty of games because my 'teammates" are hiding trying to kill the other guys who are in the ring meanwhile the other team is getting points. When there is not much time left you don;t ahve time for they you can’t give the other team 15-20 seconds when they are 30 points away form wining. Trust me if 4 or 5 of you charge a ring they aren’t going to kill all of you.

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You can’t actually capture rings if your team can’t actually get kills.