The thing I hate about escalation/king of the hill

Doesn’t matter how many objectives you capture you will still get low points if you have low kills
WHY capturing OBJECTIVES doesn’t matter in a OBJECTIVE BASED GAME MODE
Because of this almost no one try to capture the objective and they rather hide with the lancer in the nearest corner they find


I 100% agree. You should get lots of points for capturing objectives and barely any for kills

TC made the points change for no reason (or at least didn’t explain why)

As if we didn’t have enough things to be p*ssd off about with Gears 5, they threw in another reason for free :unamused:

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I think the thing was that bad players could still had a lot of points by capping and not killing.
I can understand there reasons but the thing is, winning a match does not mean you gain points towards your rank.
Only kils and uptime are important.
So you are not getting points in match and for your rank. so why would i think its important to cap??
i just go and kill as much players as i can and maybe if i am in the area, i cap the hill.
They can just call it team deatmatch with unlimited spawns and points of interest on the map.

They explained why.

It’s because people would get a ton of caps, get mvp, and then wonder why they lost skill points. So they lowered the points to reflect what the ranking system is looking for and to give a better representation of who is actually helping the team.


Capturing objectives helps way more than getting kills in escalation
That’s literally the ■■■■■■■ point of escalation.


You cannot cap points and hold map supremacy without getting kills. The people actually helping the team are getting the points they rightly deserve, instead of the guy following him around just getting caps.

You win by capturing, getting kills is just an extra

Good luck holding the hill/winning without getting kills

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If the slayer was staying for the caps he’d still have more points though?

Have done it like a million times
Thanks for the advice

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Kills are not extra, they’re fundamental gameplay. The hill is fought for, won, and kept through kills.

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How are you gonna cap without getting kills? Standing in a circle isn’t skillful. Kills win hills.

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Still you get no ranked points for capturing and that’s the point of the thread, getting kills it’s not the point of the game mode like TDM or execution
I seriously hate how contrarian this forum is

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TC has confirmed that you do get “ranked points” for capturing. But a kill is still more valuable than a cap, so you will get more points from a ton of kills than getting a ton of caps.

So…to get things straight, you think standing in a circle and getting a cap should be worth more than a kill, even though the kill is what leads to getting the circle in the first place?

Yeah, and I dislike players that think standing in a circle warrants them Onyx/Diamond/Master rank.

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Well yesterday I won a three round TDM match and I got 0 skill points each round…so I didn’t get points for kills or the objective :thinking:

Really? How many? 0.1?

Playing a modes objectives should always be rewarded. And why wait 5 Gears games before making such a change? If it weren’t broke…

A KOTH MVP should be a player that both caps & defends the hills.

I aint buying their bs reasons… who in the KOTH community asked for this??


No offence, you sound like a bad KOTH player.

The best KOTH teams are those you see swarm & cap hills quickly AND THEN go slay and defend. Aint that deep.

I’ve seen players with close to 100 kills and be on the losing team… See thats the difference, I’d rather have 10 kills but be on the winning team. But hey, thats just me :roll_eyes:


You make it sound like players just cap then do nothin else smh

How hard is it to cap first then do all the killin you want?

Seriously… startin to see the mindset of some of you KOTH players and I aint impressed lol

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