The thing I don't get about the Gears community

I’ve been playing GOW since its release in '06 & a term I’ve been constantly seeing in people calling other people “casuals”. Especially regarding the ranked TDM debate. It makes no sense to me that it is such a heated debate. I personally always used to play ranked exeuction 10 rounds in GOW 1 &2 , and adapted to TDM when they pushed it in GOW3. I never really enjoyed ring based modes, My squad & I would hop on KOTH/Anex for a a bit but always enjoyed the modes where it was simple, go kill the other team. I feel that was the backbone of GOW MP, not ring chasing & kamikaze’ing into a ring.

That said, I don’t dislike the mode or the fan base who prefers that mode and yet now you see everyone bashing the part of the community who prefers ranked TDM.
The main thing that annoys me was it seemed unnecessary to even take it out of ranked, if you didn’t enjoy the mode you don’t have to play it.

This isn’t a thread about the TDM ranked debate but more of the state of this fanbase & game that I loved for the last 14 years.

In short: E.L.E people ( if you don’t get that reference go watch Semi Pro)
Rant over


They took it out to “work” on it. It’ll be back in a few weeks.


good to hear, but the rant was really just me venting on how quickly everyone was pick sides … idk I’m always the type that more options is best, regarding ranked.

OP4 I’m loving it tho, gives me some hope for future OPs.


If you’re unaware, I’ll explain

If you like something different to me, your skum

Hope this helps bro :rofl::rofl:


LOL seems like that’s the entire world bro rn


It is so very sad to know how right your comment is.

Long live Guardian!!!


It really does, but things arn’t always as they seem, it’s actually much much worse, jus hasn’t come to light yet :rofl::rofl:

Anyway, off to watch some semi pro wrestling so I can understand your OP better


All my comments are right and incredibly sad,

Wait… What…

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nicely put dude.

I tried to articulate a similar point over here : Why does Ranked get confused?