The Theming of Maps

Sera is home to a lot of unique and interesting locations. Each Gears game has reflected or highlighted interesting environments and locations. The interesting parts I have always found the most unique have always been the multiplayer maps environmental design. From the background to the overall concept of the map. (Note I am not really talking about map layout or weapon placement.) Gears of War 1 locations were more urban and industrial locations. Such as Gridlock and how in reality you are fighting on a bit of costal freeway in a small town, Gears of War 2 was more cinematic so each location and map has amazing vistas and more grandness to the maps. Examples are Avalanche a map set in a small remote village where any minute snow will fall from the mountains and kill anyone in the way. In Gears 3 we had the jungle, beaches and maps greatly designed with some sort of gimmick such as Rustlung with the map gently swaying because you are on a boat and a silverback. Overpass a map even though it was bad had the cool factor of sinking while you played. Gears of War Judgement had themes again of destroyed beauty so the maps even though played with vertical combat they still had the theme of beautiful things. Such as Library and Streets. Finally in Gears 4 the maps backgrounds dealt with the themes of reclaimed beauty. Either people coming back and healing the wounds of War. Such as ironically reclaimed being a small farm, Security (Even though it is a GoW2 map) It now being a treasury and using bags of useless currency as cover. And even changing Old Town and Avalanche to keep with more of a winter theme placing them as UIR locations. What has been your favorite location or themed setting. What places would you love to play on? Personally I would love a map set in an old Seran version of a castle. Though my runner up would be setting it in theme park. Because you could have different settings and unique layouts.

What if there was a place with all the zip of Nuka-Cola…


So it would be a given then that we get Coke Train Cappy mascot skin and Baird Bottle mascot skin.

We need a map theme for Snipers.

The maps in 4 feel too small or because they are symmetrical and due to spawns - don’t work well.

I would as well.

E sports have put an end to that though.

Like Sandbar, would have loved to see that one return.
But some say it ain’t good for KOTH or Escalation, too far…
Not that I would have mind.
Sandbar at night time in dark like Bullet Marsh would have been cool, or with weather effects.


I feel like they missed out on Fort Reval for the multiplayer maps. It was my favourite location in the campaign and it has a very distinct feel. (Actually I suppose Relic kinda is… but it’s more the catacombs beneath…)

Something they could do in Gears 5 is base more maps on locations in older games (I mean new maps with the theme rather than copy-pasted old maps). Then there would be more variation! The fans would get a nice bit of nostalgia on these maps, the world would seem more connected to the older games, and I guess the team would need less visual development for them too!

For example, one could be set in a sunken Jacinto, one in Azura, one in
Landown… but then others could be current locations in Gears 4/5.

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