The terminator ads worked!

Recently the man the myth the legend himself formerly known as API has been acting strange lately. I didn’t think much of it until I spotted him playing as the terminator characters and using all the terminator merch. This had me worried for my dear friend and kink daddy’s health so I called him tonight on discord and i found out I was too late…


That movie looks horrible.

Just give me a Terminator with practical effects enhanced by good cgi and set in the future with plasma rifles in the 40w range.

The intro to Terminator 1/2 but in movie format.


It’s sad to see how Arnie has fallen and Daddy Mikey


Only one thing left to do…

… send a deebee back in time to stop Rod from ever making GoW5 the way it is.

To protect the future, we must erase the past!

Somebody get me a pen, I’ve got a terminator sequel to pitch!

“I’ll be lag” - DB800


And save Michael from the horrific terminator movie


We leave him behind if we have to.

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I… I’m not sure I’m strong enough to do that. He’s made me the gears player I am today… he…he helped me improve to be a solid onyx 3 in majority of game modes.

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Squirrels play gears now too? I’m not sure if I like the future… :rofl:

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The future is great for us squirrels. We’re mostly over weight to the point of immobility so all we can do is play Gears 5 and spend our disability checks on iron. Other rodents like Chipmunks are also fat.


How do you hold the controller with such short stubby arms and tiny hands?

Do you make use of the adaptive controller with inputs designed tiny for squirrels?


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The adaptive controller has really helped me out. Being a rodent gamer is a hard life with the discrimination and controllers being bigger then me so I would just like to whole heartly thank Microsoft and the coalition for giving me the opportunity to work with them and beta test the adaptive controller.

As part of this partnership I am obliged to say that I am being paid tho not told what to say. I love the adaptive controller because it lets my stubby squirrel arms reach the buttons so I can purchase more iron to buy amazing content such as delivery driver Mac.


That’s awesome.

But I heard you say that you squirrels are subject to racism and abuse due to your furry nature?

Those heartless ■■■■■■■■. What has the world come to, when a squirrel can’t play a game online without being subject to abuse.

If I see one of those people online, I’ll make it my mission to two piece and teabag them over and over until they rage quit.

After they quit, maybe they’ll take a moment to reflect on how their crappy attitude made you squirrels feel.

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Or to stop Cliff from leaving Epic or to stop Epic from selling Gears to MS

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Yes it is very sad and truly breaks my enlarged due to my squirrel obesity heart. I remember specifically one incident of abuse that happened where I was playing gnasher only KOTH with my favourite character skin equipped delivery driver Mac. And I was trying to speak to my teammates and politely tell them to help me cap the hill but due to the language barrier squirrel to English it fell on deaf ears.

My team then began to target me and follow me around humping me, doing the get hype emote and twirling their smoke grenades and yelling horrible things at me in voice chat such as and I quote " shut up you fat furry cuck, I will rape your tiny squirrel ■■■■■■■ and ■■■ in your fridge"
And such wonderful things as “Delivery Mac is a scan” and “Rod is a fat pig like you”

This really ■■■■■■ with me and sent me into a severe depressive state TC noticed and reach out to give me early access to the newest feature coming January 2021 for the small price of 2300 iron which was nice.

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I give TC a lot of crap, but I have to hand it to them. That was really nice of them.

Maybe they can add a “let’s cut squirrel racism out of Gears” banner for 10,000 iron into the game?

More people need to be made aware of this serious issue

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How did you know about the new “Squirrel pride banner”??!! I was supposed to be the only one to know!!? I hope they don’t think I leaked this sensitive information :sob:

Ryan’s cleavage actually is the one who reached out specifically and ontop of the squirrel pride banner I received the opportunity to buy chrome steel Mac early

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What the hell have I done!?! Crap, now they’re going to target you. TC hates talking about future content…

Ok, ok, ok. Let’s not panic.

I’ll get my shotgun, 160kg of dynamite and pepper the area surrounding your tree with boobie traps. If they send in the cavalry, they’re going to be in for a nasty surprise.

I’ll also bring my sniper rifle and set up at the adjacent tree. If any stragglers survive the traps, I’ll be able to pick them off.

Just be sure to wear some earmuffs tonight, as this is going to be loud.

I’ll try not to disturb your sleep too much. I don’t want to have a squirrel being sleep deprived on my conscience, thank you very much.

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It’s too late I can hear the sound barrier breaking as Rod approaches my tree with his ■■■ cheeks clapping in the wind. Save yourself I’ll do what I can to hold off this dummy thicc behemoth of a man… If I don’t make it please take care of my mobility scooter.

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I’m literally 60 seconds away. Hold out as long as you can.

Try and keep rod at the door. I’m dictating this message via voice as I charge at the door with my retro lancer bayonet.

Let’s just hope that I don’t run out of my charge meter before I get to Rod.

If I do, I’ll just quickly make a tweet saying that all gears players are toxic and I’ll @ him in it. That wil bide you some time to escape, whilst his fat fingers attempt to hit that like button.

Stay strong! We will win this!

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I’ve managed to buy myself some time by requesting him to show me pictures of martinis on his Instagram. This should give you more then enough time to arrive, the man loves taking pictures of martinis it’s like his kryptonite he cannot resist taking a picture of the beautiful alcoholic beverage.

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