The system is broken

Am a dimond tier 2 i lost one game and o went to onyx 3 like can you guys please fix your ranking system your gonna lose alot of players of u dont my team and i win 15 games stright and get nothinf out of it but lost 1 game and we get punished like?? Please fix this

Welcome to gears 4. And I say it with pain because I’m suffering from the same and I think TC does not care.

Ive been playing this game since it came out reached dimond fine then they supposably fix the system and trust me there is a big different from before to now i lktterly stopped playong the game because of that i come back because they said they fixed it but nothing has changed

There is a primary thread for discussion, and leaving feedback on the current Rank System.
Please remember to always check if there is a related topic already created before creating a new thread, especially one that is created for feedback,

Thank you.