The swarm hunter has boobs

Swarm Hunter looked disgusting–nipples protruding–in its brown shirt before Congress. Very very disrespectful.


I was just walking around in Old Ephrya…and then I saw her…THAT HIGH VOICED WI-

Note:I actually like the Hunter a lot design wise voice wise and story wise and find her/them interesting and look forward to a chrome variant

When you say “now” I assumed you were playing as them up to knowing what they were.

Can´t wait to tell my mother this useless information
(Shes the kind of person who only plays female characters on cog but now she has the option to do this on the swarm side)

Nahh’. I prefer the Swarm Imago over the rest of the Swarm. As soon as the Locusts come back (If I’m still playing this game by then), then I’ll immediately switch to them.

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Fair enough, mate. I too am twiddling my thumbs until the Therons make a comeback.


Hoping for more Imago variants

But which variant do you prefer most and like the least?
Personally favorite is the hmmm stuck between Standard and Savage but I think its gotta be Standard Theron
Least Favorite gotta say sentinel I just dislike the mask shape and thats just me.

(Heres hoping way far down the line we can get some Chrome Therons)

I’m partial to all of them but if I had to rank I’d say Sentinel is my favorite variant and I can’t say I have a least favorite. They all have great merits. Maybe Guard idk.

When are the swarm going to get their proper theron guards. Scions are just boomers. Hunters use the same weapons but don’t look anywhere as grandiose. Swarm need to up there game and improve their armour a lot. The cog struggled to fight the locust who were a proper army with proper equipment why they worried by this naked morons running around in pants and a bandolier. The grafted on bits of metal wouldnt help either.

R34 artists do your thing


The internet - both tragic and a beautiful blessing at the same time.


Hmm cool, The Swarm’s Hunter is a female. I have to say she has one of the best sounds/dialogue currently on the Swarm team…she can’t touch the likes of Skorge or the Kantus though. I’m afraid they take the point on who can scream louder :raised_hands:

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People had better not start drawing fan art of the swarm hunter now…

For God’s sake, the moment you say “don’t do [something]” on the internet, it happens! This is the internet. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the one from the tour of duty? I want some swarm ■■■■■■■

It makes the lore less interesting that’s for sure. It’s less unique.

You mean the Theron wanna be

How are swarm hunters female? I thought they were genderless. The swarm drone doesn’t have a ■■■■?

Either way. It doesn’t excuse the hunter from looking like ■■■■.