The swarm hunter has boobs

I unlocked the mask less swarm hunter yesterday she has a very nice face nice curves and I’m sure she has boobies. Has it been confirmed if hunters are female swarm??

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Ummm Wait what? Are you serious? Aren’t the only locust/swarm berserkers?

Side note: With all the topics I read in this forums, I’ve found this topic quite interesting…
Wait, wut?



It’s 2019 they’re transgender!:joy:


Yes. Swarm hunters are female.

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It says so in the Art or Gears 5 book.

Actually there aren’t Berserker swarms.

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I…did not know they were female. I just found out yesterday they were voiced by Alissa White-Gluz (frontman for heavy metal band Arch Enemy). The pieces were there. It just took me a while to pick them up.


I see people going wait weren´t locust females beserkers etc but remember guys Juvies evolve into well whatever that isnt scion etc since the Scions are Ex Locust but and drones and hunters and etc come from the juvies If I am correct so maybe females turned into juvies evolve into the hunters eh?
Idk if that idea is terrible or not but hey thats just a theory
(Read this in fast end of commercial voice-Note the gender has been resolved so it is not actually a gender theory just a theory on how it becomes the hunter from a juvie)

They are just really strange. Locusts were male little drones and female big berserkers, but now the Swarm has female drones where as far as we know all of them are born from raptors capsules???

I think the most logical thing would be if a female was converted to a Juvie it makes them a hunter?
Thats the only thing I can see from this that makes a bit of sense.
I mean the swarm make troops different then the locust guys I mean the swarm do podding the locust did reproduction so maybe that causes a difference in gender variety or how gender works.

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I think it’s just they have female traits imagos and juvies ain’t go no ding alings or anything down there so I think the swarm must be asexual but hunters have female traits. Otherwise there would be just as many hunters as drones. And then what are grenadiers??? It’s a big confusing gendered mess. There corsets are tight but I don’t think they are hiding double ds in there.

I know less than zero about gears lore or anything pre gears 4… But I just assumed it was asexual reproduction given the juvie eggs…

That and all their names being part of insect life cycle… Juvenile, drone, scion, etc.

But they live underground right?.. Maybe a weird mole man and a bug banged it out back in the day maybe.


So why no pics of this so called female swarm’et.?

Well, I ain’t playing the Swarm Hunter now. Sigh, this is why I preferred the Locusts. Way more badass…

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Well they are voiced by a female, so why not?

Ah yes I love my women wound up and angry with a bloodlust to kill everything too my good friend.

Edit:And blind

I remember a lot of people wanting to play as female locusts/berserkers in the trilogy days. It’s cool they finally found a way to make that happen with the Swarm. I mean you thought the Hunter was male up to this point. I don’t know why knowing the gender now kills it for you. It makes the Hunter more interesting imo.

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I never had interest in playing the Swarm Hunter in the first place. It’s Swarm Imago for me foreva’, but it just doesn’t feel right. The only female in the Locusts were the Berserkers, and that’s what made the Locusts more badass. I will never see the Swarm as the Locust’s equal.