"The Surge" Master Solo, this time with Architect

Just felt like going for it since it felt similar to Combat Medic.


Wow, excellent job man! So cool that the Combat Medic run kinda informed your methods for this one.


The community has a challenge set to do all classes master solo on all the hives,

these videos help people as well as having the OP show off their great performance


Didn’t know that.

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The pace (once first ult is ready) and accuracy (especially with embar while moving around) are so impressive. A real choreography …
The frag tag on the scion is the little strategic thing that makes everything after …

So much inspiring things (as well as in all others solo runs btw).
Far from thinking doing the same by myself All these runs bring many little details that we can use in « normal » team runs.

All participants to the solo challenge should be thank for that. Respect to you all