The story was actually pretty good

My ■■■■ fan theory about JD:
When a Snatcher turn the human into Juvie:

  1. Is the Juvie > Imago > Drone > Scion has got the memory of their former human lifes?
  2. Does they has got a DNA of their former human body? If yes then can the Swarm recreate the human body and put back the now corrupted ex-humans spirit/soul/copy/etc…!?

If yes, then maybe some of the COG soldiers are converted evil ■■■■■■■■■■■■■!
Or maybe JD was already a converted one! Or maybe an another corrupted one somehow poisoned JD’s soul and made him evil!


Well JD is someone that has to live under his father’s shadow, although it may seem crazy that JD would go to such lengths but it does make sense that he would be so desperate to prove himself. His sense of duty for the COG and his um “rocky” relationship with his father far outweighs his morals.

I mean one could argue that TC put that conflict into the story for dramatic tension, which makes sense, but my point is that JD is a really sketchy character that always seems to do whatever it takes to one up his dear old dad.

Fahz is probably a lot more moral than JD if I had to guess, he probably felt bad after killing people, JD on the other hand felt nothing, except concern that his friends would think less of him of course.

Edit: TC and Epic always sorta made heroes that were very human in nature, now I definitely think the previous cast of characters were more likable not these crybaby kids we see now (ok Del isn’t like that but Kait/JD for sure) but there’s always been a foundation steeped in reality, its why Tai Kaliso blew his brains out with a shotgun, its why Dom sacrificed himself (he lost everything, he didn’t care at that point anyways), its why you see a lot of the interactions take place… Characters that are “human” are kind of a double edged sword because on one hand we can relate to them, on the other we have far less to aspire to.


Swarm Drones don’t evolve into Scions. Scions are evolved Locust that were not killed off by the Imuldion countermeasure at the end of Gears 3. They also have ugly Imulsion looking crystals poking out of their bodies that make me question how they can do certain movements with them, especially with their arms, and in particular with the Warden where the only thing that does not seem to be covered is its head.

I do wonder what has happened to all the other Locust creatures we haven’t seen. Corpsers, Leviathans and the like. Not that I would complain if the spider-scorpion-like hybrids were gone and everyone’s favorite big fish didn’t come chomping on(or attempt to do so on) ships and submarines. Especially not after that extra explodey encounter with one in Gears 3 at the beginning.

I mean… They had to save something for Gears 6 now didn’t they? :wink:

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Point is , I don’t hate TC , they are trying to provide us the best game they can with given budget , and of course they are doing some terribile marketing choices , but that’s because the gaming industry has become a bloody mess and basicly , nowadays , if you don’t utterly milk a game with in-store purchases and microtransations , you’re doomed to fail.

I just can’t stand this “the women are the new heroes” policy , it is clearly forced onto us , nobody really asked for it , and the fact that gamers prefer woman protagonist is a LIE :
Gamers want cool characters , regardless of their sex.

Look it’s all the SJ crap that sounds pretty wrong to my ears. Sgt. Johnson was a bad4ss black dude and didn’t feel forced at all because , as son of the 90’s macho culture , it was bloody perfect for the role!
So foehammer didn’t feel forced , and she was a thing in 2004.

What I’m trying to say is that a cool character , a well structured one , doesn’t CARE about its gender , skin colour , sexual identity or whatsoever.
He/She/It just IS cool , end of the story.
They flatten their difference so much that they make it worthless , unnoticed.
Shepard stood the same any sex you could decide to play as , THIS IS TRUE GENDER EQUALITY!
If you go look the percentage of how many people played male or female character in AC : Odyssey , the number is pretty close to 50/50.

Kait is simply flat , cold asfuk , very poorly interesting , and as many of you pointed out , her only bond with the main story is the Locust Queen.

And I also strongly believe that voice acting plays a huge role into making a character cool.
Probably the fact that Bailey voiced like 200 other characters AND THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME , contributed to make Kait so unpopular , so avarage , ‘deja vu’ literally french : already seen.


TBH, the only interesting part of the campaign for me, was act 1. You get to feel the vibes of gears 1/2 with the war-like setting, everything feeling as it was falling apart and an interesting twist right at the end of it.

Then act 2 started pretty nice too and it ended quite… strange. To be honest I was expecting something much more interesting when it came to Kait’s connection to the hive. To me it just felt cheap to just bring a dead character out of no where and transfer the connection.

TC kept advertising the game as Kait fighting her demons and that’s what I expected throughout the whole game, that maybe at the end, she would find out that she cannot control herself and ultimately would fall to the hive’s control.

I was also expecting the matriarch to be throughout the whole game, chasing the rest of the squad and making some interesting chase scenes (i was expecting the matriarch to be the final boss)

Act 3 is just… I mean there is no story in act 3, it just feels like a huge sidequest to get the hammer of dawn working.

And act 4 (too short too btw) I liked the idea of killing 1 of 2 main characters but what I didn’t like was how it ended. Gears 1/2 did a better “to be continued” ending. But gears 4/5? Cheap endings.

I mean you kill some random giant bug that just popped at the end game and that’s it.

You may say that I’m not talking about the story itself, but the actual campaign. The thing is, I feel that the only part of the game that had a story, was act 1/2. And act 3/4 becoming a filler.

I would rate the story 3/10

I do not expect the story to improve on Gears 6.

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At the risk of taking this thread off topic, I feel obliged to respond to this, as ‘The Last of Us’ is one of my all time favorite games.

It’s story is complex and thought provoking. The game manages to make you care about it’s characters in a way that I have never felt in any other game. It’s also filled with those classic “Holy crap, did they really just do that?” moments that many people love from modern TV dramas like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. At the time of it’s release, there was truly nothing like it.

Now, for the controversy of the squeal… It stems far deeper than just the video of the ‘guys death’, as that happens about 2 hours into the 25 hour long game. About halfway into the game, it take an ENORMOUS narrative change, that the developers very intentionally hid from players in the trailers and asked for all reviewers to not mention this AT ALL in their reviews. That being said, there is a very good reason for this,

To get back on track to Gears, I will say this… Have any of you ever played Gears and asked yourself “why is the queen doing this?” or “are the COG actually the bad guys” or even “Well, if locust are just humans who have been captured, genetically altered and conditioned to hate humans, does that really make them the enemy”.

I’d imagine some of you are likely divided on this, as your loyalties to these famous Gears characters are pretty well cemented and it would likely be hard for any of us to side with the locust/swarm. However, there may be some of you who can see it from a median perspective, and place fault on both sides. This in a nutshell, is what ‘The Last of Us: Part 2’ , not only asks it’s players to do, but effectively demands it. There are a lot of players who do not appreciate it, as they are unable to see things from other perspectives. I understand why the game is not for everyone, but any claims that the game is “awful” of poorly written, I would take with a grain of salt, as the game, while not for everyone, is a borderline masterpiece with what it achieves,

I can understand why the Locust would have some predisposed notions or bad thoughts towards humans given the way Niles acted towards them and Myrrah(seeing them mostly as mere research subjects and not individuals/lifeforms), but it doesn’t excuse the genocidal invasion of the surface of Sera which caused a host of other problems such as the eventual flooding of the Hollow which left the Lambent to thrive in it with no Locust resistance in there which likely had some influence on how quickly it was evolving and forced Adam to use the countermeasure before he could perfect it so it would not harm the Locust.

But the Swarm? I find it hard to show any sympathy towards them when they are simply out to kill humans to wipe them out even though there is no further threats preventing the evolved Locust from settling elsewhere on the planet’s surface or attempt to rebuild somewhere in the Hollow that may not have been flooded or has dried out.

Then you are a borderline nuts!

So for you it is not a problem that nearly everywhere (games, films, comics, etc…) white guys gets killed or turned into bad guys or starts action OOC or being replaced with black or female characters!? Because I also sick of it! Really sick of it!

So for you and others: white guys == bad guys!? Great! Just great! “Thanks!”

So yes, The Last of Us 2 is just a sorry excuse of a sexist and racist ■■■■! The same ■■■■ as the Campaing of Gears 5!

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Well, to be fair, it wasn’t in that order.
The reason JD and Del left the COG and joined Reyna’s crew of outsiders was because of what happened in settlement two, where JD was ordered to use violence against civilian protesters.

I appreciate you sharing your perspective, but this is a mentality that gamers in general need to shake. I don’t see what JD did as an instance of an agenda or forced narrative of “white man bad”, but instead the exact opposite.

It shows, just like his Father, JD’s life is very complex. In the shadow of the living legend of Marcus Fenix, he is expected to be an exemplary COG solider, and follow in those footsteps. JD KNOWS harming civilians is wrong, and he is morally against it, but he also feels the overbearing pressure of loyalty to the COG and Tyrus. Coming out of this, he decides, his country and military are better without him, as he feels there is no true home for him. A broken man, with a rocky past. Gears 5 serves as a reminder that this character, has flaws, like each and every one of us. He struggles to get out of bed in the morning, but continues to do so for the people he loves.

This is far from “white man bad”, this is much more like "poor dude, with skeletons in his closet’.


“Get killed”
Nope, not at all. As long as those characters are as interesting as the ones they are replacing, why would anyone care?

“turned into bad guys”
I genuinely don’t know who or what you’re referring to.
If you’re talking about JD, see my other response in this thread.
If you’re talking about Joel, how on earth did you perceive him as ‘turned into a bad guy’? The game is consistently showing you a man who has experienced loss at nearly every turn in his life, A man who would stop at nothing to protect the lives of those he cares about, particularly Ellie. However, like all of us, he has made choices in life purely out of selfishness. This is NOT ‘bad guy’ stuff, this is human nature, our emotions can drive us to do crazy things… did you miss that message from the game?

Bro, lay off the Fox News and quite drinking the Kool-aid. nobody is attacking white people. If you somehow completed that game and come out the other side thinking that’s the message; then perhaps your distaste for it falls within you own intelligence and comprehension skills. Either that, or your fixation on being a victim is literally blinding you.

I can understand how someone with the ability to perform such mental gymnastics, may interpret the game as sexist, but how in the hell do you find racism in it?

I’m sorry Ghost and Ektope, but this thread may need to be locked after this, as ignorance just keeps rearing its ugly head.

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I wouldn’t take every post Mikel makes too serious. He’s known for making sh… posts for the fun of it from time to time. Would not surprise me if the above was that.

It was not a ■■■■ post this time. I swear! :unamused:
And sorry but few years ago Marvel Comics had got an agenda againsts white male characters: Replacing Tony Stark with RiRi, Wolverine with Laura, Thor with Jane Foster. They turned the male Hawkeye into a loser to make the female Hawkeye the better one. They made Steve Rogers old and replaced. Then turned him into young but evil. They created 3 or 4 female version of Captain America. And for a short time Star-Lord was replaced with Shadowcat. Now Star-Lord is dead. And there are other examples of what Marvel did! :unamused:

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I don’t follow Marvel so not really aware what’s going on there.

That said, not all the times where female characters take a more prominent role instead of male characters always being the lead have to turn out bad. I think TC did a good job of making Kait a lead character while still keeping JD relevant. Although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive him for killing Lizzie.

I agree about last of us 2, they essentially tried to create a game that makes you realise everyone in it has a life thats just as complex as joel’s. They also tried to hammer home the revenge at what cost vibe. For me they could have kept joel alive and made the sacrifice ellie’s girlfriend instead and had the campaign centre around revenge for the GF’s death and piecing together joel and ellie’s relationship.

You have some points. I see a little different now


You know what?
Not bad idea , I like this one.
It would be cool to see Del come back from the depths of old Ephyra , bare chested , guns blazing , partly cyrborg like Chad Engineer Prodigy Macho Cyber-Delmont , chomping cigar and smashing grubs.

“YES , I reconstructed both my body and my neck with DB wasted parts , now I’m here to surpass my master Baird-sama”


I think the gameplay itself of Gears 5 was possibly the best it’s been but a game has to have everything. It’s easy to see how the curent climate of things has changed regarding how we’re presented certain cast behaviours and diversion. Noble perhaps from a certain angle but it’s hardly subtle and totally takes me out of the game because of it. Very immersion breaking and I came away not enjoying the story for this reason

I simply don’t have a reason to care for the next installment because we all know at this point it’s a vehicle in the most obvious way it can be

I think there’s much growth in all the new characters, less 1 dimensional than the originals. I look forward to everyone’s arc into 6. They are no longer the same as they were in 4. Leaps and bounds. I also look forward to see how Marcus fits in the “family” Gears theme as the “father” figure holding it all together.