The story was actually pretty good

I know some people didn’t care for the story, but I actually enjoyed it a lot (even though multiplayer is trash now). I just absolutely despised all the bugs and glitches it had. Getting through the game with my wife on co-op was hell when we first bought it due to all the technical issues.

Anyway, I decided to just come here and post this even though I haven’t played the game since last year because I recently beat The Last of Us Part 2 and…yikes. It makes me really appreciate the fact that Gears still have a decent story. Almost makes me slightly hyped for Gears 6…almost.


Is the story of The Last of Us 2 that good!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I watched a vid about some guys death (no spoilers) and its pretty brutal, no its brutal AF.

never played any of the gms dnt no what there about but i seen it got some dodgy reviews tho

Look , the Campaign wasn’t THAT bad , sometimes bore , sometimes pretty cool , overall decent.
I find the whole weak spot being KAIT.

Before I get sheet thrown by the SJW , no , I’m not a women hater , my main is Kat , I have multiple female Friends IRL , one of my favorite movies is J.I. Jane and my Marvel crush is Nebula.

But Kait?
She awfully lacks personality.
I’m not saying that , there’s a sheeton of people saying that , I’m not the first , won’t be the last.
She is the classic “strong indipendent woman that doesn’t need a guy help” jeeesus it hurts to write down this sentence just for how much bullsheet it holds in it.
TC tried so hard to give her an interesting personality that they utterly failed , making her so perfect and untouchable that she ended up predictable , the exact same character we keep seeing over and over in other games.
(don’t get me started about this)
Even Jinn shows off a little bit of personality , being a cold by-the-book politician a-hole.

I just hated playing as her solo , I would’ve chosen Del , if given the choice.

Now , I’m writing all of this because TC should really consider a ‘Rising of JD’ and HELL NOT because he’s man. As son of Marcus and Anya he has some potential , some WAR in him.
Well at very least he has voice acting done right.
Say what you will , Laura Bailey will never be a war voice.

Now , for the upwards , I kinda liked all of the side character (Lizzie got a better reputation in 5 minutes than Kait in 2 whole games LOL) , and I kinda enjoiyed even the sidequests , again , I just hated doing them as Kait because (guess what) none of my friends want to play the Campaign again.
Some of them didn’t even finish it. GUESS WHY TC.

Sander out.

Edit : let’s see if TC gets even this censored lol


TC is not going to censor this most likely because by itself the forum post doesn’t break any rules and they usually leave that stuff to the actual forum mods.

As for everything else, I don’t see how I’d convince someone with views such as this that they are blatantly wrong. Where is Kait enforcing her “female supremacy” when she tells JD to stick it because of her realizing she cannot continue to ignore/hide her Locust relation and has to do something about it? Since when are personal concerns that?

I’d suggest you give Ascendance and Bloodlines a good read. As well as reading this thread, and in particular the post linked specifically :

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I’d give Ascendance and Bloodlines a good read if they actually came out in my country , and they’re not.
As always , TC seems to have forgotten that they have a playerbase outside the US.
Also , Kait herself is not trying to enforce her ‘female supremacy’ , TC IS.
She is there to mind her business and cure herself , not to win the bloody war , problem is , she brought full team in her giant spin off called ‘Gears 5’.
Isn’t something like that legitimately called “DISERTION”?
Haven’t Marcus been guilted for the exact same thing?
They are simply messing things up a lot by trying to give her a huge role even she is a pretty bland character.

If she actually was cool she would have thrown THAT knife right into her ma’ FACE , saving both friend , actually giving the Swarm a serious blow in the war.
Marcus SUNK HIS DOKKEN HOMETOWN just to win the war , to defeat the Locust.
She doesn’t seem to give two sheets about that , all She cares is her damn headache , that sounds pretty selfish , you know.




In Act 3 JD was trying to regain Kait’s trust, so him leaving her in charge despite the fact that Kait is the lowest rank of them all makes some sense, albeit not military wise.

But in Act 4? There I agree it makes less sense, and it’s not exactly an issue if the character you play as isn’t the squad leader as Gears 1/UE demonstrates up until RAAM goes stabby stabby on Kim. And Kait isn’t(or shouldn’t be) all military because she doesn’t even actually want to be within the COG and really does not seem to like Jinn. It wouldn’t be great for her character either imo, not what she really is about(to me).

And a lot of this sounds more like you just hate Kait and/or TC. Although I did have the impression/vague it might’ve been you who had this issue where the books were not available where you live.

If you think Kait was a bad female protagonist then I’m really curious what you’d think about the characters in Last of Us 2 lol

Plus, Kait had more personality and was more suited for the protagonist role than JD was in Gears 4. JD was bland/vanilla af before his character development in Gears 5. I wouldn’t mind him being the lead again for Gears 6 since 5 sold me on his character more.


After what that gobshite Neil Cuckkmen did to TLoU2? This game is a masterpiece of storytelling.


*outside Mexico.


I completely agree. Kait fells forced just because it’s the time of the women. Bland leader. Can’t express how forced it feels but we all have our opinions.

So much build up for JD then in gears 5 he murders civilians… feels too much like “white man bad” & Fahze too. But whatever. It’s how they portrait them just telling how I feel about it.

I respect what they tried to do. It’s only playable once for me.


Im not the biggest fan of kait, but the white man bad comment about JD is a bit far fetched, it was not done in a malicious way to join in with/pander to a certain political persuasion. I think it just makes JD a better character, he’s not a one sided goody two shoes, he’s flawed just like normal people and as such makes mistakes.

Kait does feel more forced, grand daughter of myrrah, happens to be hanging around with the son of the man who killed her and is the most important character in the story, Her flaw is being related to the queen which is why she is boring.

The hivebusters could be made into a good story, those 3 have interesting backstory’s/motives.

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What do you expect of a person born after the Locust War, who didn’t even know of her Locust relation for the entirety of her life up until Gears 4 happens, and has zero connections emotionally to Myrrah or her grandfather, because she never knew either, and who almost only has experienced pain, grief and loss ever since finding out about it? If you got a bone to pick with Kait, it’s definitely not that she is around JD because for all Kait knew until that necklace was given to her by Reyna, she was just any ordinary human individual. And since she has no connection to Myrrah beyond the genes in her body, so why would she care that a figure which has only caused pain and grief for Kait ever since the Swarm decided to make their appearance was killed by Marcus? And why would that affect her relation/friendship to/with JD?

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The point I’m making is JD is relatable to people he made mistakes and had to learn from them. Kait’s genes are a mistake she cannot help and as such her progression is bland, she didn’t kill oscar because of brash decisions or cowardice which she could then redeem herself through growing as a person, instead she is the complete opposite a good person with myraah’s genes, being dragged into a big plot that she cant escape no matter how she tries to resist it.

The point about marcus is it feels too convenient that his son ends up hanging around with the granddaughter of the queen that he killed. To some that might be an ok plot for the story, for me it feels meh. Maybe the books add more depth to her but as far as 4+5 goes she is not a great character.

Im not saying she is god awful, she has her moments but JD in my opinion is a better character.

I find your lack of cursing and insulting remarks towards TC very disappointing… :wink:

All of the new characters imo (except Fahz, I really like Fahz) are awful,

JD is supposed to be someone who puts duty before his people but we never see that side of him, would’ve meant a whole helluva lot more if we saw or even participated in killing those protesters ourselves.

Kait reminds me of Bella Swan from Twilight, she is given far more attention and focus and us (as gamers/viewers) care to see, she has an interesting backstory and all that jazz but I really don’t care about her too much as a character.

Del is supposed to be the comedic relief of the trio and to some extent he sorta is, but the fact this dude seemingly is an Einstein that knows all is kinda annoying because it just makes him unrelatable to me.

Fahz is my favorite character because he’s simple and very transparent, he’s a macho man that loves showing off, he’s definitely kind of a ■■■■■ but again you kinda like it because you hate the main characters so much its sorta like he’s doing you a solid.

Gears kinda went the Naruto way with storytelling, and just as Boruto sure as sugar didn’t live up to his father, neither has JD.

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If Kait felt forced and JD’s character came off as “White man bad” to you then I strongly urge you to never pick up The Last of Us 2. That game was the epitome of forced strong female character and “white man bad”. Gears 5 doesn’t even come close.

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I don’t thing Kate was forced on us but I agree about TC turning JD into a bad guy and killing him because he was a white male. :angry:

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I’m 90% certain Del’s death is canon.

Death to Del! :angry:
Then turn him into a Cyborg! :slightly_smiling_face:
Then make him into the main character of Gears 6!? :thinking:


I will never play LOU2.

& given how the times are that’s why it felt like that to me. I could never see the son of a legend killing protesters. I just cannot. It just seems above JD to go from saving the world to murdering protesters…

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