The Story of Gabe Diaz [Tactics SPOILER Discussion]

So, Tactics is out and I am very interested. Not so much in the gameplay however but the story. Because I don’t own a PC and don’t want to bother with waiting X months for it to come to console, I watched the cinematics on Youtube.

(Don’t know if you can help Moderators but the website won’t allow me to blur actual spoilers in the post so I’m hoping the Spoiler tag in the title will suffice for now).

Just wondering, how many people are gonna play it on PC vs Console when it comes out. And are any other console players just gonna watch the story done by someone else (Like me) and not bother with the actual gameplay?

But anyways, the main story I found–just so interesting. The first scene where we see Ukkon, and he has his goddam face blown off, just to get right back up. Made me more intrigued than I have been in Gears for awhile.

A lot of this is going to be questions, because I never read the Bloodlines book, nor intend to, so if it’s already known information or if it was in Tactics and I missed it only seeing some of the story online let me know.

How does Ukkon regrow his parts? I get that the anti-Rustlung medicine has some “side effects” but Mikayla said they were very dangerous, not grow your arm back Iron Man 3 style. So is it just a brew that Ukkon made or deeper Locust magic seeing how he looks like a Kantus of some sort.

And is this a confirmation to the idea that the Locust are only 50~ years old? Sid says Ukkon came from New Hope, along with other Locusts. So what? They really are only so old and had been covered up? I mean it would make more sense as to how they stayed hidden but at the same time it’s strange that they could be so long. Because I believe it’s now confirmed that the Brumaks, Corpsers and even the Hydra were made by Ukkon, so they aren’t ancient denizens of the Hollow, tamed by the Locust Horde–like how the Exhibit map might suggest.

Lastly, do we know what Gabe’s mission was that was kept secret and he finds to be a stupid move for the COG? Was it in Bloodlines, because I don’t remember seeing it in the game.

And of course, very very interested to see Reyna. Love how she looks in this game. I assumed that she had met Gabe after the war, not now. Because he doesn’t leave the COG until after V-Day, correct?

Anyways, here’s all my dumb questions. But good game. I thought the story was better than Judgements, as far as comparing spinoffs go.

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Ukkon is described as a scientist and a geneticist, so there must have been something from a genetic perspective from which these creatures were created. The truth could be a combination of the two where the indiginous creatures whose DNA was used are native to Sera but were quite different (e.g. less aggressive, smaller, could have been herbivores for all we know!)

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Im very interested in the story as well. and dont mind spoilers because my potato of a laptop wont run Tactics

I still think they’d be older than that. Seeing as New Hope was where they were trying to cure rust lung which would have been around before the start of the Pendulum Wars. But this is just my theory and its very hard to get an accurate timeline because the time between the development of the lightmass process to the start of the Pendulum Wars is unknown

So this I can answer lol. Gears of War Bloodlines Spoilers Ahead it wont let me blur it out but I can “hide” it lol Also I might be missing some small details but this is the gist of it


After some hard fought battles Gabe was rewarded with post on Vetes Naval Base because it was considered an easy post being an unofficial neutral site. Vectes is located in the south of the Lesser Island Chains with the UIR in control of some of the North Islands in this chain. It was considered an unofficial neutral site because the COG or UIR didnt cross some imaginary line.

While he was there a team of Special Forces called Ghost was sent to Vectes to retrieve some supplies for a classified mission o 1 of the islands in the chain. This mission goes side ways and Gabe with a small group of COGs attempt a rescue mission which is barely successful. After they return with the few survivors Hoffman is there and tells Gabe that he must return and hold the island from UIR forces because the COG and UIR just found out there was Imuslion on this island and each want control. Gabe and company dont hold the island but they do cause it so it would take a huge amount of time and resources to reach the imuslion. But even though they did this it was at a very high cost. One of the deaths was his brother Wyatt (they weren’t related by blood but Gabe, Oscar, and Wyatt grew up together in an orphanage together so Gabe and Oscar looked over him like a little brother and became a family)

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Well I thought Rust Lung was caused by exposure to raw Imulsion fumes (Because Rust Lung is just undeveloped Lambency) and it would’ve been around not much longer than the PWs as the war started when the UIR and COG began to fight for Imulsion, right?

Unless Niles wasn’t the head of New Hope and there were 1 or 2 researchers behind him that led the project. But even then, that makes the Locust what, 80-100 years at most? It’s a decent chunk of time but feels more gimmicky than the idea of them being ancient relatives of Humans.

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This is just my theory but with what we learned in 5 makes more sense to me now but I could be completely wrong lol

I think Niles had completed his research well before the Pendulum Wars started. Governments had to be working on a cure before the war started. Only Niles and some secret members of the COG government saw the “value” in his work which resulted in a 2nd secret facility. If the war was going on I think more of the higher ups in the COG would have thought Niles work would help them win the war.

Not sure if this makes any sense lol.

I guess, the strangest problem to me is not having a timeline of when Niles was alive vs his AI, when Monroe was Chairman for so many years before Prescott, and when New Hope was started to begin with.

Spoiler alert

I also watch all the cutscenes of Tactics and I honestly don’t like the story. Ukkon who comes back from the dead through rustlung / imulsion don’t fit in the original lore of Gears of War. And I don’t even talk about him being a Seran scientist…

For the rest of the story = pure fan service by linking Tactics to G4-5. So nothing more interesting either. I mean, the G4-G5 timeline is not worth digging. We all loved G5 for the Act 2 and 4 because of the lore, but the rest is useless.

At the end, Tactics only impressed me through its customization system.


I’d rather see them go full steam ahead and try to make something out of it than cowering back on themselves and watching it collapse like the SW movies. I think it’s interesting enough for me to enjoy it. But the game is about Kait’s father–I don’t see where the “fan service” comes in, Reyna’s not exactly a fan favorite, it just shows us how the two got together before Gears 4.

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Bloodline Spoilers Again (Sorry cant use the blur spoiler option for some reason)

Not having a timeline is definitely strange, but seeing that Hoffmans 90 years old and still able to push himself around in a wheelchair with no real problems and steal secret military documents (Bloodlines) seems to me that hes in the “early” stage of old age. So the time between when the lightmass process(end of the Era of Silence), The Gold Rush and the Start of the Pendulum Wars is probably a couple hundred years at least

I guess that’s fair. Assuming Serans live to be 80-120 years old, and the Pendulum Wars only lasted 80 Years, and New Hope was shut down under Monroe’s control–that Niles could’ve been there his whole life if he died around 70-100 years old.

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I actually like Reyna a decent amount more cause of Tactics not that there was a lot of her in it, but I feel it fleshed her out just enough for her “death” to mean something in 4 (which is good cause last I checked the game was #2 on steam so maybe this will intrigue people enough to care about at least the campaigns on the main installment.)

Sid and Makayla still have potential to be somewhere in Gears 6 (Makayla the most likely I’d say)

I wish they did a little more with Ukkon though, he was just a big bad who gave us stuff to fight

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Well true, but same for Raam, Skorge, Karn and the Speaker and others, only fleshed out later in the comics and whatnot.

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That’s also true, that’s also the reason I hate playing Swarm (aside from Myrrah) as I find it hard to care (even after reading the comics). Spent too much time investing myself in the COG

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Ukkon reminded me a bit of Power Rangers and Rita Repulsa.


I was dumbfounded by his ability to speak. Felt too clean.

Apparently Ukkon is a Sire, but is like a genetic anomaly in the sense he retained his cognitive faculties and basically became a genius or something. Is that the case? It sounds stupid if that’s the case.

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Well I know the document Sid shows Gabe has references to Sires, but all I remember is that Sid said Ukkon came from New Hope. Not that he was a sire.

I watched it as well, same reason as you.

I enjoyed that the game felt more like Gears of War than Gears 5. However, I also feel like the game at times would lose aspects of that and revert to the modern, less gritty, adventurous generic romp than a game about giant walking tanks fighting giant monsters in armour

I also don’t like how they doubled down on making the Locust a COG creation. Nothing breaks and destroys the monsters in your story than humanizing them (Ukkon speaking perfect Tyran/English) and making them a human creation.

God I miss when the Locust were alluded to being reptilian, underground monsters that finally erupted to cause war. They were a literal swarm of Locust ( see what I did there? :wink: )

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Well making them creations doesn’t humanize them. At least unless you’re speaking literally.

Have viewed on YouTube,(a short view)looks good,But it depends on what price the new X console will cost,if Reasonable then I will buy Gears Tactics