The store looks rather empty today (November 5)

I know they weren’t putting the gears 2 curbstomp into the store after the backlash but I thought winter Marcus was supposed to be here. Unless he’s coming tomorrow with title update 2.

It just looks empty with only 3 weekly items and 1 daily. Also the esport section is completely empty now.

I low-key look forward to seeing the daily and weekly items when they reset. I rarely buy the items because most of them aren’t worth it but sometimes they do have cool stuff worth buying imo. The Marcus skin definitely is for me at least and the gow 2 curbstomp would’ve been.

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According to the what’s up, Winter Marcus along with the other items(minus the curb stomp of course) will be up after 4 hours of TU2’s release.


I havent updated the game yet but the museum skins and chicken blood spray are in the store, No Marcus though

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I know they said they won’t be releasing the curbstomp in the store after all the backlash

They moved the update to Thursday.

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I thought it was Wednesday according to What’s Up? Unless it’s been updated(again) since I last read it.

I’d like to see more color variation of the camo skin for the Lancer/Gnasher.

The pink Gnasher was the first purchase I made, since I needed a skin to accentuate Del’s Lancer. The price tag was the most attractive aspect of it.

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They updated the What’s Up for both the TU2 release day, and the fact that the Gears 2 curb stomp is no longer gonna be in the store.

Sold out pretty quick

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Almost as quick as delivery driver Mac

Ryan Cleven said that the curbstomp being in the store was a “mistake” (whether he means literally an oversight, or a “mistake” in the sense that they 100% meant to do it but in retrospect regret the decision, is unclear), so it’s been taken out.

Theres no words to discribe how sad nonsence like this is becoming.Are TC activily trying to drive gears fans away.