The store is so terrible

Why are all the skins on the game terrible? Why is an legendary skin 2400 scrap to create? Just one like I wouldn’t want the fully set? Why are there even packs bc on every other gears of war game you could buy all the skins and get everything. GOW3 had the best weapon skins, even judgement has decent weapon skins. GOW4 has skins like sugar and smile skins, kait tattoo skins like wtf is that lmao. Also coalition brought back characters nobody wanted such as the Theron elite who the f wants that character. They make the same exact skins but in different colors same as they made the same maps but with weather effects. It’s so trash.


What’s up
Ur angus man?

Just play a different game if it bothers you so much where this franchise is going, I’m walking around activating an imaginary VATS in my day to day been playing fallout so much lately lol

Um gow is the only game like that. what I said didn’t have anything to do with gameplay I was talking about the store in the game

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Microtransactions will probably always be a part of Gears 4 now since its the new money making trend.

Also the skin is 2400 to craft because its a legendary card, its not like its going to be 1000 now is it?

While I agree, past gears games has got better skin designs, I suppose with microtransactions and packs they need to have tons of designs perhaps?

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That’s what I’m saying 2400 to craft a trash legendary skin. I could see if it was something cool but 9/10 it’s wack asf

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Any skins discussion, 2 years after the launch -> SPAM.
Really, who cares?

I think its implied that OP wants to see better quality skin in Gears 5, who can blame him.

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Then buy packs with skins you like.

That’ll save you some credits…

Started playing Gears 3 a few weeks ago and there those dynamic skins seem better, indeed.


If they are “trash”, then quit crying about how much they cost. Fact is, you want them, and that’s why you’re mad enough to go online and post about it.

The reason it’s good for some skins to cost a lot of CR is so that everything isn’t so common. That’s another thing people complain about. So, if you make some things more rare, there’s complaints. Make them all common, complaints again…

You can be like a friend of mine. He scraps everything and only thing he keeps is bounties and horde skills. Everything else he has trashed. Still uses launch skins and launch weapon skins. Lol.

I only have the two character skins I use and the rest gets scrapped for horde cards

Default gun skins cause that’s not why I play gears of war

No need for name calling splurgy, some of y’all take this way too seriously

Need to sit back and chill and laugh at most of this stuff

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“Nobody was crying about them”(proceeds to freak out about something he claims to not like or care about)…

Um yes I don’t like nor care for the trash skins SO with that being said me along with other members of the community would like better skins. You sound slow like what was your point??

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That last line was ironic… Lol.

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If the skins are going to cost 2400 to make at least make them some cool or dope skins. Please explain to me why the Hot Rod Gnasher skin is legendary lol. Uncommon or not it’s still a trash skin so who cares if a lot of ppl have it or not? Lol nobody was mad I suggested better skins like in the other gow games.

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In gears 3 gun skins was something to show off. Especially the ones you have to unlock. beat the campaign on insane and get the Ghost protocol. So when I go into a game I want to show off. Gears 4 there is no reward. No unlock system. Just pay or play.

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He’s right, Smile, Sugar, Tattoo Kait, Tattoo Oscar, Del Necklace… There’s a lot of trash skins in this game. Zombie is unique but it looks like vomit, so does the Corpser skins. Other skins are cool but way to subtle so you can hardly tell what they are like the UIR Elite or Biker skins.


Never cared about the skins even in 3 was too busy bodying fools - kill someone 5 times in a row and give em a no no to show off and I guarantee they won’t care what skin u using

Dude. Ppl want nice skins everything you said is personal preference if nobody cared about having skins we wouldn’t have any at all.

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