The Store Is Getting Progressively Worse. What Happened?

  1. Operation 1 is now available. But everyone has the characters so how do we get the nice skins attached to it without wasting #16.50? This is confussing.

  2. The Esports skins … 400 iron per weapon skin. Really … ?

  3. Pro League skins … why isn’t this 500 iron a set?

I buy skins + dlc and am usually positive even with DLC but this is ridiculous. The store has gone downhill and store decisions has devolve since the Christmas break.

Anyone agree or is there good context for all this?
I’d like to hear from The Coalition responding to the audience.

I thought that too, but the weapon set is nice for those who haven’t already got it, plus there’s the added bonus of the Iron which compensates you somewhat, and the Boost (which I’m not fussed about but it’s better than a kick in the balls).

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I’m going to assume the operation 1 weapon skin set will be sold separately.

The Museum Weapon set? That’s already been out if I recall correctly. I can’t remember if it was a full set, or sold in bundles of 3-4 weapons at a time, but they’ve defintiely been available before.

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OK,. Fair enough but 400 iron per weapon skin … pinata ones. Damn.

I think its a mixture of two things @Looopeeeeeee

  1. we have boring skins that most of us are not interested enough .
  2. skins are kind of overpriced at this point.

Its not that is worse… I would say its boring somehow.