The Store is Amazing

We got funposting now?

Although I’ll be honest, even I considered the Skelly Kait skin.
That reminds me, it’d be cool to have the Onyx Guard back from 3 with his old dialogue.




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I’m usually really good at telling when people are trolling, but… you’ve really got me. If serious: congratulations, you’re part of the reason over-priced, anti-consumer practices in gaming continue to thrive :grin:

If not serious… seriously well played. You got me.


If you look at his previous posts, you’ll know.


G*damnit! I was gonna post that :joy::joy: 4 hours too late :sob:



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Gears 5 as it stands right now it’s like Gears of War Judament multiplayer…the core mechanics of Gears 5 is not FUN right now Gears in the only reason I have a Xbox one there is nothing like Gears of War 1,2,3, 4… any where in gaming but Gears 5 multiplayer is so bad right now I don’t even play… from thousands of matches to last than 30 because it’s not fun no good maps, no real fun way to play and receive
currency like Gears of War 4…but because it’s on Game Pass untlment. Now if you payed $ 70 for Gears 5 multiplayer to be this (Shity ) for lack of a better word is a disservice to consumers!

There should be zero micro transactions on a full price game. Gamepass included. Especially on first party titles from Microsoft. There are many PS4 first party titles that have no micro transactions. This should not be normalized at all in any fashion. Corporate greed has run amuck without being checked. They are trying to get young players used to this type of purchases while taking away physical media. I assure not one TC employee will take the time to respond to this because they have no defense. Shame on you TC and shame on MS. On that note love the arcade mode. Game is excellent for the most part, but tarnished by greedy corporate types.

…Damn, nice editing on the gif though. I appreciate that Jack gets two pairs of glasses :rofl:


I still want iron obtainable. Cheaper prices or not. Like majority of an aaa title content should NEVER be behind a paywall.


This is a joke, right?

Can’t wait for the new Hanukkah skins to go up in December. Take my iron already!

How else are we gonna get Halloween skins? You think TC is just going to work as a charity and make them for free after the game has released?

The majority of content is free. In fact, the two best skin sets (besides Retro Wave) are totally free (Team Metal and Team Rock!).

Read up on how business works

I don’t mind then store yeah the tour should give more items but if they keep giving out items during events I don’t mind. I won’t really buy iron unless they put a character I really want who cares how much it’s is. They giving us maps for free so why not spend money in the store to keep getting free content do you want a season pass again

that Gif is ■■■■■■■ hilarious.

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Well that’s innaccurate. Killzone their launch title has many micro-transactions including a Japanese voice pack.
Uncharted 4 launched with a disingenuous pass (they straight out changed the name of it because it was so misleading) and had ■■■■ loads of cosmetics that actually had in-game advantages.
Their port of The Last of Us from PS3 kept the bonus weapon, taunts and hats as buyable DLC despite the fact they should have been apart of the game as this is a system later and they were already completed content.

Not sure if these fully count but even their singleplayer games like Bloodborne, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone all had pre-order or special edition DLC that you can’t even buy normally on the PSN Store. You can buy the base game for $10 at most places now but you’ll still be missing some content on the disc.