The Store is Amazing

I would just like to congratulate TC on their massive success in stocking the Gears 5 store with so much quality. I think we can all agree that this is the best Gears of War has ever looked. Moreover, TC has stayed true to their word, and lowered the prices of most items to be more accessible to the underprivileged. Thank you, TC!

As you can see, this week’s offerings have been so incredible that I’ve literally purchased every available item. No more rusty Gnasher or Delivery Driver Mac. The Halloween skins, the crosshair mark, and the Retro Wave camos are all top notch! Well done!

Edit: not sure why this was flagged as “inappropriate.” We have dozens of threads complaining about microtransactions and the store. Can we not have even one where I appreciate how it has improved?

Edit: Flagged again for some reason…


I don’t know what is sarcastic or genuine here anymore, but I guess I’ll play along.

Yes, the store items are getting better. The new Kait skin is awesome and I absolutely love the Jack-O-Lantern skins.

As for the prices, it has certainly gotten better since launch but it’s still a mixed bag. On one hand, you have brand new characters for 500 iron + boost. This is an absolutely fair and fantastic price. The price for the Jack-O-Lantern skins is great too.

On the other hand you have some expressions that cost 500 iron as well, and then a Kait skin that is 800, Something is off. IMO markers, banners, and expressions should not exceed more than a couple hundred iron, if even that, with the more expensive items reserved for characters and skin.

Hopefully they find a good balance soon.


Well going down 2 bucks ain’t nothing and it’s sorry to see people paying for this , bc it’s just gonna get worse. But glad you like it. They just need to give out iron more and not try so hard to monopolized jt. Honestly I can’t support a company that does bad business and squeeze out every penny on it’s customers, after they paid 60 bucks for the game. Iron should be given out after every match. Also helping out the less fortunate is giving out iron more often not in 500 increments in a span of 3 months , that’s just sad, so ■■■ tc



Why make billions? When u can make millions




Nice b8 m8 I r8 8/8


Disagree with every fiber in my body, but okay.



It’s ridiculous.
How a RE -SKINS with some hallowen- makeup (I’m not joking, it’s clearly a cosplay both Kait and cog gear)
Could cost almost the double of the price of one
new character/hero/arcade unique gameplaymode/
That actually inflict in gameplay.

I’m probably shooting in my foot here, but this clearly makes no sense…


It doesn’t make sense to me either. I wouldn’t say shooting your foot here, it really is a conundrum.


According to the
new hero+boost prices that the coalition set.

Mark/ Baner: 50
Expression/Emote 100
Emote with dialogue /150

ReSkins/ 250

Ripped of set of whatever skins/ 100

Full set of skins 400

I of course, I know this is just a dream and also my opinion but this prices would fix a looooot of my main problems with the store.


Probably the biggest bait ever posted on this site. Not falling for this one…


Those prices are better, now to work on making Iron more obtainable through play instead of just what we get through TOD. I’m not saying break bank but 5 here or 10 there is better than the grind.




Likes for everyone since I’m outta likes to give again.

I agree a skin shouldn’t cost more than a character.

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I wonder how much will it cost for people trying to complete a retro wave set …30 to 50 dollars? Lol

I’m sure plenty are doing it. I see retro wave skins kind of a lot.