The state of the game

So, are the actual customization options releasing when the game releases? In the current state of the game, there are about no customization options, you can’t scrap earned things, you can’t spend scrap (if you could make it) because there is nothing to buy, and it seems the roster is completely devoid of being anything note worthy. So, are things coming out on release or are we entering a pay wall era for Gears? So far, the game is pretty lackluster because of these issues. Further more, the game has issues with hit boxing (being extremely off and inaccurate), absolutely terrible server stability, and the customization dud.

The game has, however, shined amazingly in graphics and character control. The game is gorgeous and character control is smoother than it has ever been in the history of Gears of War. Bravo to that. But the negatives are highly out-weighing the positives. Anything to say on that? Would love to know what to expect and what to get let down by. In the games current form and understanding, I will only beat the campaign and never touch the game again (which sucks because I am a hardcore fan of Gears of War and Gears of War Online Play). I drew this conclusion after playing ranked to just get cheesed by headshot kills that hit nothing and killing other players with headshots that also hit nothing (while the game was completely in sync and running optimal at a nice 30 ping).