The State of Gears 5

With the recent changes that came to horde with OP6, bugs, as well as tuning and multiplayer tweaks I’m just wondering what do you personally think of Gears 5 at this point? Feel free to speak your honest thoughts on the game at this point or even what you expect from OP7 and beyond.

Also I’d love to give an honorable mention to the representation provided by all the flags I can add to my character even if they provide no tactical advantage whatsoever and the manpower used on their creation could’ve been put into more and much needed QA :relaxed: . I can finally be me even though I get bullied in chat for it relentlessly :relaxed:

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Best Gears game by one of the worst companies that continues to make terrible decisions. PvE is kinda nice though.


In all honesty, I give this game a lot of crap, but I really do love it lol.

Sometimes it does piss me tf off, but it’s really enjoyable when you just don’t take it seriously. It’s really fun with friends especially.

As much as I don’t like the tuning, I can live with it tbh. The delays are annoying that’s my only actual grievance with it.

All I can hope for is that this game gets better with just minor tweaks here and there.

Except the gnahser, that needs a major look into.

Other than that I don’t really play horde, so I don’t really have an opinion on it.

That’s all, I hope you have a nice day


I agree, PvE is the only saving grace, that Michael guy genuinely sounds like he cares about the mode. Wish I could say the same about the other neglected parts of the game


He gave in to the “Bring back Locusts”-crowd though. That really put a dent into my opinion on him.

Lively party chats are the only thing saving this game


Same here. Endlessly ■■■■■■■■ about the game’s and TC’s shortcomings is therapeutic although I really do enjoy it when it works properly. Minor credit where it’s due(and I mean minor) horde is great but the rest of the game…ehhh.

The gnasher tuning is an embarrassment. One of my biggest problems


PvE is great, the work that team have done in the last year on Horde has been fantastic. Without it, I doubt whether I would be playing this game still.

PvP is just not fun to play. I don’t enjoy it at all. Considering it is supposed to be the last big tuning update for Gears 5 I cannot see myself playing it at all now. I think I’ve only completed around 7 quickplay matches in Op6 alone for daily objectives, which tells you how much I enjoy that. 7 matches in nearly 9 weeks.


I agree, the locust feel kind of off to me and look generic. But maybe that’s just me being used to the swarm and their more unique looking counterparts. I don’t like that certain enemies got the rope in favor of others



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Putting nostalgia aside and not taking in to count the current glitches and bugs in horde I think the mode may be in it’s best state ever.

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if only they put all that effort into fixing the game

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When will I be getting my friend request, brother

I can’t. I will be silenced lol.

For OP 7 in terms of characters I want more hivebusters. Personally speaking they a far superior to th Chrome Steel characters but thats an each to their own.

In terms of bugs I would rather minor ones that won’t impact the game hugely compared to the current game ending ones we have.

All in all I want TC to suceed because if they don’t then Gears goes on ice and I can’t lose another game I love. Dead Space 3 and the cancellation of the series being the prime example of what happens when a DEV misses the mark. I Love it and want it brought back but EA being EA I will never see another Dead Space game ever again. I know there is the prison colony game coming out from the same devs but if its not Dead Space with Issac then its not the same.

It’s an inside joke

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It was EA fault for making dead space 3 the trash it was

They forced the developers to make it into the garbage it turned out to be

Wasn’t the developers fault

Oh I know. I still haven’t bought anything from EA because of the amount interference than ran on Dead space 3.

At the end of the day Visceral was owned by EA (I really wish they weren’t) and developed a bad game because of EA which in turn completely missed the mark and resulted in the cancelation of the Dead Space series. These things happen and good games pay the price and EA is still a fracking Dbag for it.

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Gears 2 came out in 08 homie not 2019

Good thing chats disabled ammirite

I played all 3 once again recently from gamepass

And 3 was enter a room and shoot up a bunch of necromorphs every single time till the end of the game

It was bad