The state of Casual PvP. Just stop this and fix it, TC

I didn’t think the idea of Versus being changed to 4v4 would be such a bad thing.
But take away bot backfilling on Casual playlists, as well? That’s just taking the f*cking piss, don’t you think?

Given the fickle nature of some gamers’ egos and/or tempers, quitting mid-match usually spells game over as a team of 4 breaks down into 3. Then 2. Then 1. With not a hint of AI support to give them a fighting chance.

It’s really not fun for either perspective.
I don’t get your obsession with screwing with core Gears mechanics that have been in place for over a decade but whatever your reasons may be, TC, I and many others implore you to reverse the clock. Change quickplay back to 5v5 and reinstate bot backfilling.

Operation 5 has done plenty good for this game. Don’t 180 on it and start tanking this like mid Operation 3-onwards…


I agree, I would rather bots fill in on Guardian than be stuck in a 5v2 lol the only thing I would hope for in that case is that they rig it somehow that the AI can’t be leader, cause I still remember before they stopped filling with bots, the bot leaders would just run straight to their insta death, so not really much help lol.


Please please please no. Bots are more trouble than they’re worth. They are fatal in TDM and a major annoyance in Koth. I’d rather be down a teammate than have a bot to fill the spot.

What I’d rather see happen is the ability to invite someone to fill in the vacant spot.


is a solution to this brining the Ranked ruleset and lobby system into QuickMatch?

(Quit penalties, No Bots, TrueSkill MM)

EDIT: quitters need to do Customs to work off penalties

I don’t think so when it was working just fine before.

4v4 just makes the game feel hollow and as soon as someone quits it becomes magnified and the game falls apart.

if no one joins relatively quickly then another just quits.

It doesn’t flow better gameplay wise.

Penalties don’t need to be in social…at that point TC might as well merge the two into one…

The tuning and speed fills great. Just got off and had some great games and the others there was always a quitter and it was noticeable and had a domino effect.

Even had two matches just end as everyone on other team backed out…

The game is being broken for no apparent reason…other than to…

  1. Slow the game down for newer players

  2. Allow esport plays to be easier to call? and watch? weak excuse to change a game that simply won’t be an esport dominating game

  3. Reduce the dominance of the cross? as there aren’t enough guns on the map at a time to hold off enough angles???

It is terrible…I have been trying to play now, while the game is at this speed and feel, before they change it again and then uninstalling the game…again


The entirety of Casual has been in disarray for a long, long time. No bots, 1st and 2nd rounds ending in stalemates for no reasons, matches ending before they’ve even begun (sometimes this will chain for three straight matches), and solo players being placed on the team who already have the # advantage.

Some of these problems have existed since launch, some since Op4, so either TC just doesnt care or are completely backed up with other bugs and glitches. Guardian being exiled in this broken playlist is why I stopped playing PvP :man_shrugging:


Sure. 1 teammate down isn’t always defeat. But what if you’re down 2 teammates? Or you’re left on your own against a full team of 5–…sorry, I mean 4? Where do you draw the line?

Whilst I admit the pixel-perfect aiming of the bots can sometimes be frustrating for sure, but they add that crucial filler to the match to give handicapped teams a bit of an equaliser whilst still helping the match feel alive.
Take away a player slot and the AI allies/opponents to fill in your vacancies, the moment when your teammate dashboards, the game suddenly begins to feel hollow, empty and dead.

It’s just not good, my dude. TC need to unf*ck Social Quickplay before they dig Gears 5’s grave too deep to crawl out of. This was just a series of changes that was not needed.


Bring back bots for Social. No reason to take them out…
I’m not touching it until they’re brought back.

Rather play co-op vs ai, instead of playing 1v3 KOTH matches… :roll_eyes:

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I agree. Boys will just cost lives in TDM. Especially in diamond and masters. But 5v5 yes and allow me to party up with more then one person. Bring back more games modes. And maybe even over run

IF they ever bring back 5v5 in ranked it probably won’t be until next operation, bots would be more annoying than anything, they give away your position even if they don’t ever spot you.

What @TC_Clown said.

The AI is designed really bad in PvP.

Quickplay is better off without Bot backfilling.

As for 5v5, yes I agree, 5v5 must be brought back.

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Can’t stand bot backfilling I always used to quit when bots arrived especially on guardian, zero satisfaction

It should simply be 5v5 and the game shouldn’t automatically start until say at least 4 players are on each team


I don’t like botfilling either per se but I’ve found so many Quickmatch games sit in limbo struggling to populate with outnumbered players getting fed up and quitting. With bots in their as distractions I think persons are less likely to quit and a proper game full of players more likely to ensue.

I think Quickplay should have been left 5 v 5 with bot backfilling for KOTH only.

Leave 4 v 4 to Ranked only.

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I thought quickplay was just a casual non-serious game mode where you’re going in and playing against other players (who should never be bots imo). To me the current state fills those purposes perfectly.

Like what exactly are you playing for? What’s on the line? The other team should know that you’re down a man and unlikely to win because of it. Ego shouldn’t even be a factor. And the ranking system doesn’t care because it doesn’t apply.

Sometimes it’s actually fun to be down a man because it’s more of a challenge but that’s beside the point I suppose.

one way or another, gears has always had annoying things with multiplayer aside from gears 3 and that is why so many loved that game

just let us play ffs

Agreed. Many times we were down a man and the other team just didn’t care and would destroy us other times we’ve beaten the other team because they were just awful. It kinda baffles me though when a 4 stack plays quick play just to pub stomp, but that’s not always the case, I’m always up for the challenge

Tbf cos guardian isn’t in ranked that can be sweaty as hell :rofl:

Gonna make it worse with that new tuning


yeah i know what you mean by playing coop vs ai instead of 1v3 koth, but many times you don’t want to play vs AI , you wanna play against real people, it’s quite crazy such change was done

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