The squad limit has KIILED this game

This game is and will always be about playing with your teammates. Now me & my group of friends who used to play regularly barely play at all & when we do we’re forced to play quickplay TDM…where people leave and we are stuck to play 1 guy because no one ever joins.

I don’t get how this still is a thing and the fact this games numbers are so low only a year from release is telling. TC cannot get out of its own way.

Just put TDM tanked back to 5 and no squad limit in it. The maps are designed for 10 players & restricting friends playing together is just as stupid way of thinking.



Squad limit is terrible lol

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Agreed they need more modes for people to play not less. All they needed to do was add wingman but no they ■■■■ up tdm instead.


Agreed, hopefully when we get multi mode que, they will put tdm back and “uncombine” the game modes…

keep asking for full squads back

keep asking for TDM 5v5 back


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If you’re stacking, just play KOTH. It’s more fun.

I disagree. Never enjoyed ring based modes, enjoy kill based modes. When the lives matter not the points for camping a ring for x amount of time.

I just made a similar post but it was about my 3 random teammates quitting and why this was proof the current state of TDM is bad and I get trolled for it lol. Their solution was Quickplay to play with friends :man_facepalming:t2: