The Split: Marksmen with Torque Bow

I find it funny how I can literally solo the first act of split with Marksmen, and randoms are ok with that, but 3/4 of the time when I take tbow for DR1 one-shots, they get pissy and leave.

How many people have yet to realize Marksmen one-shots heavy enemy’s with tbow? Anyone?

Hell, if a flyer shield goes down and it’s above 90% health, I can one shot them too!

Randoms are dumb man. Just get carried like you enjoy and be happy.



Strength : Torque bow

Weakness: Ladders




Are we now also starting with the Digimon references?

And most people probably think the Torque Bow doesn’t get any bonuses for the Marksman or they assume the person using an explosives based class - if one is present - wants it… when shortly thereafter they’ll likely drop it for the Boomshot and GL anyway.

And why do you not only play Split when it isn’t a daily or weekly hive, but also with randoms? I would never go into that hive without at least one player I know.

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Just played Split with @RelaxingKoty and didn’t have to carry the entire time!

Thank you sir!




I don’t

I think it’s fair to say that alot of people don’t realise that the actual Torque arrow counts as a “precision weapon”. They just see it as an explosive weapon.


That was referring to Spargel.

Google has the answer.

I know what Digimon is mate :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know, but was directed at me so I felt compelled to answer :wink:

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Oh, I could tell. I just couldn’t help myself there.

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Most men find themselves in that situation when I am around, so don’t feel bad.

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@SPARGELKOHL im just confused about why anyone would even care? Do they just want to battle heavies for some odd reason?

I guess so man.

Randoms are brainless most of the time


I’m playing marksmen amicable. And I spent so much time scoring this map that I’ve damn near got it down to a T.

It’s almost easy now if I have a sniper in my hands hehehe

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I was under the impression that the Longshot did that too

Embar not so much if I remember correctly. (especially on split where health isn’t skewered like gatekeepers and the line)

So I can understand why

To them it looks like you’re being a weapon hog, especially when Marksman isn’t known for specializing in T-bow.

There’s no longshot on The Split though…

I referenced that immediately in the next sentence.

Yeah, Marksman isn’t my top choice for playing this hive, but when I do play as him I typically won’t take T-bow if there’s a Tact, Gunner, or Demo who wants it instead. Maybe Marksman is better with it, but it’s not like I can use it and Embar at once. I figure we’re probably better off with me using Embar, while someone else who wants to use Torque focuses on Torque, rather than sitting there angry, possibly holding a grudge when things get more difficult later on. Plus, there’s a second torque in the saferoom which can be refilled provided there’s a Tactician. So it’s not like giving up that Torque means I’ll never see one again in the hive. Maybe a Tactician who wants to use torque is a better choice for it anyway. Yeah, I’d do more damage in the short-term, but in the long term he wins because he can refill it while I can’t. Personally, I favor the GL when I play Tactician, but I have seen some people play Tact who are really good with T-bow, so I wouldn’t want to take that away from them.

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I take torque at the beginning because I kill most everything myself with randoms. They can just wait until the second act because they don’t really have to do anything in the first.

Marksmen is better with torque against more powerful enemies than any other character anyway. Pointless giving them the first torque in my opinion.

You’re missing out not using torque dude. Makes the hive 100x easier running it with Fahz.
Final section, camp the door with Fahz and pop DR1 heads off with it as they walk in. Easiest completion ever.

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