The spawn locations in Control are kinda whack

I see a lot of dislike of Control on the forums, but I actually like the game mode, I think it makes positioning a lot more important than in Koth, which makes it harder for teams to set up a formation that is really hard to break, like the two pistols on Foundation. I think control will have less of these situations I see in KotH where there are some circles that can’t be reasonably captured once the other team gets all four players in. These are the situations I dislike the most. And I see this happening on some control maps, but the only reason it happens is because of the spawn locations.

I had a match on Canals yesterday, and the circle was at sniper, and our whole team spawned at the other side spawn. So the other team is already there covering the entrances, and we already lose a lot of time just having to run across the map, and while we are running across the map, they can see us coming from every angle, and have plenty of time to reposition because of how far away we spawned. I saw this same type of thing happen on Training Grounds. The circle is at the Uplink (referring to the map), and my whole team spawns all the way at HOS Spawn. Because of the layout of the map, no matter what route you take they have plenty of time to just see you across the map and say, “OK, I see they’re sending three in this direction, so lets reposition over here.”

I think that as a general rule, whenever a map has a circle that is near one of the left or right origin spawn points, there need to be four spawn locations nearby, and two players max spawing from that location at any given time. I did a simple visual of where I think good spawn locations would be on canals, with the blue circle being the objective, and the red circle being the spawn locations that should be active when that circle is active.

I think something like this would be much better than having everybody spawn across the map. It just gives the other team too much time to see you and adjust. Pease let me know what you think.

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I just think they rings are too big and being able to break them from underneath you is kinda whack.

1 round matches are also lame too

Like you said, I think Control makes it more “fair” with having less “hard to break” positions but just like KOTH, some spawns are completely broken, you can spawn near the ring and also at the other end of the map.

Good suggestions, hopefully changes will be made.

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