The solo Matchmaking experience is pretty awful atm

Listen I have no problem losing. I do it all the time! I’m playing Control competitive solo and its maybe the worst solo multiplayer experience I’ve played in a while.

There is no way that 4 stacks should be getting matched up with a team of solo’s. Just shouldn’t happen. No disrespect to people who 4 stack or just play with their friends, you aren’t the problem. The problem is the matchmaking. Every other game i get into I’m against a 4 stack , with maybe a duo and solos typically on my team. Majority of the time we get dominated.

Again, losing isn’t my problem. But it just feels pretty lopsided in this situation 90% of the time. I’ve beaten stacks on occasion, often get really good solo teammates and we can win. This is rare though. The stack situation just makes me not want to play anymore. Its never a good close match, always shutout.

I’d love too see an update to have 4 stacks only match 4 stacks, its madness not to have this. I know population and matching times are rough in this stage of the game, but i would happily take less playlists or longer queues if i could even toggle out of playing full stacks. Its killing thee fun for me anyway, dunno if anyone even agrees.

Fwiw: I love the new 4v4 Control mode. Matches are way better paced and the bigger hills make a match more dynamic.

Either way I’m taking a break from Gears after 3 or sop matches in a row against stacks, thanks for reading!


Individual skill matters more than a stack; definitely don’t think a 4 stack faces off against solos often as people think

I too have beaten multiple stacks, and a “stack” can just be friends or people inviting players from the Group Looking Posts, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re great and it’s an automatic W for them

They may also not be in parties or be in one, and it’s dead silent

This is honestly unrealistic, if anything ranks should be back so you can be in matches closer to your skill level

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You can add me OP … we can stack together :slight_smile:

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You are right, it does suck but there isn’t anything stopping you from making your own 4 stack.

It’s just impossible to have stacks play against stacks. They forced crossplay because there aren’t enough players, so that’s your answer.

This is simply a situation in which you adapt or uninstall.

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no new friends


I agree VS feels a chore this OP and being paired up against stack after stack is just super tedious. Doesn’t help that the matchmaking is awful. Having players who are RE-UP 2-3 on your team vs a stack where every player has a Master emblem is just not fun. (i know re-up doesn’t equal skill) but 9 times out of 10 when I have a low RE-UP player on my side they are new to the game and learning.

I often have games of Control where I’m the only player on my teams to have more than 10 kills, while the other side are all 50+ kills, wall bouncing and wrap shotting every player they can.

No wonder they can’t attract and keep new players to the game when they are being put against people who are at a vastly higher skill level, where’s the fun in that?

This is the first OP where I’ve pretty much lost all interest in VS.


A fully functional matchmaking that would only put similar stacks against each other only would be ideal… If Gears wasn’t such a niche online multiplayer. The wait times would be way too long. Even now in less populated areas you may have to search for several minutes.
Sacrificing gametypes for shorter times would just upset and alienate players, as well as make the game very dull in the long run (which would be a much worse option for matchmaking quality than occasional match up with a stack).

Stacks getting matched with solo players sadly is an issue that cannot be fixed for Gears as it is. If, however, TC tried the same f2p model as 343 is doing with Halo infinite and the multiplayer turned out significantly more popular that way, making stacks play against stacks would be a viable option.

This same topic comes up again every now and then and it always boils down to it being impossible to divide player base in any way so much while still keeping reasonable matchmaking times.

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:frowning: but I like new friends

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This game is on the way out my man. It’s not even worth making threads about it anymore.

The developers don’t care anymore, I don’t really care anymore. We should let this series die like it should’ve almost a decade ago.

Nothing is going to change.

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FFA and 2v2 Gnashers say hi!

It’s about all I have the patience for when I decide to play ranked. I liked the Gears 4 rendition of Escalation, but between the terrible Gears 5 changes to the mode (some have been reverted back to 4, others remain) and the annoyance of putting together a squad, I don’t play it anymore.

Kyle why didn’t you tag me?


Stacks don’t matter.

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Stacks don’t matter.

He’s right, my 30.0 w/l in Control is because I play on PC.


I just don’t think the player base is big enough to be separate like that.

In an ideal works stacks should play stacks or at least a squad of 3 but unfortunately about 10 people play gears 5.

We keep talking about how low the playerbase is but why did TC add so many modes into Competitive? I honestly would have kept 4 but rotated modes in and out each Operation or 10 weeks.

I haven’t played Competitive in a while but getting stomped every other game just isn’t fun for anyone. Is the hidden skill based matchmaking actually doing anything or is the game just putting players together regardless of skill level.


I don’t think TC is going to only allow stacks to play stacks. That seems a bit unreasonable. Anyone in the game can stack. If you check your groups there are constantly players looking to stack in various game modes in Gears 5. Personally I don’t mind playing stacks at all. I understand they have a communication advantage but they still have to play the match. In some ways maybe I try a bit harder because I want to beat a stack , playing with randoms. So maybe it’s some extra motivation.

They could definitely stand to improve the matchmaking though. I’ve been in some crazy one sided matches lately. Would be better for all players if teams were more balanced.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be unreasonable if the population was there.

When I play in a 4 stack, we fight a lot of solos, sometimes the other team has a duo.

Anything outside of a 4 stack, I face a lot of 4 stacks.

The algorithm is weird.


In all seriousness , I’d say out of maybe the last 10 stacks I played, we only got recieved one beatdown. All the others were either wins or a close competitive loss. Maybe I’m just an outlier but I don’t mind playing stacks , at least on Control.